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    Calibra is a Jr.Member!!! And a Celebration Video!!!

    I reached 100 posts soooo CELEBRATION VIDEOS :P <object width="320" height="265"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
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    Problems With Router

    Hello evryone Sorry for another topic by me but my router wireless aparently stopped working. Because my dad´s computer is connected to the router by the LAN cable and I connect by wireless. I went to my grandma´s house for a week and when I got back home, I went to my computer and the internet...
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    What Guns And Equipment You Use On Counter Strike 1.6

    Hello if anybody plays CS 1.6 then tell us what guns and equipment you use if you have enough money to buy them Tell us for both Terrorists and Counter Terrorists For Terrorists: Kevlar + Helmet AK-47 Deagle  ;D HE Grenade For Counter Terrorists: Kevlar + Helmet M4A1 With Silencer or the...
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    Help With Eyetoy Webcam Microphone

    Hello my microphone got broken so I decided to use my eyetoy webcam as webcam and microphone, tested it and worked. I went to teamspeak and it was loud as hell turned most of volume options down and it was still loud. Any help?
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    Henry Surtees Dies At Age 18

    Hello evrybody Today is a really sad day for me and all motorsports fans as in yesterday the young driver Henry Surtees died in a crash in a Formula 2 race in Brands Hatch at age 18 the crash was somewhat confusing, but by the looks of it Henry broke his neck and died after the collision of a...
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    Some cool games I found

    hello! 1st game) Cave Story: Hard but really fun! Link: make sure that after you download the game, you download the english patch or else whe you open it, it ill be in japanese 2nd) Quake Live: Its like Quake 3 Arena... Link...
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    Toribash Problems

    Hello again here I am (once again) with a game problem I recently downloaded a freeware game called toribash I dont know if anybody knows it but my problem is that when I start up the game the menu options dont show up! I once randomly click around the menu and the started and it was fine but...
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    Problems With TrackMania Setup File

    Hello Evrybody I Just Downloaded Trackmania Forever Nations(the free one) but when I try to install the setup just dosnt start and it freezes my pc My OS is : Windows XP so any ideas on how to solve this??