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  1. dmillerw

    Whats in your Dock/Superbar

    Self-explanatory Click on image to see full size From left to right... Shortcut to Nautilus (also displays open nautilus windows) Firefox Pidgin Skype Gwibber (different icon, the default one is ugly) Terminal Gedit Rythembox Akregator Shutter (not actually in dock, just open at the time)...
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    What is your current uptime

  3. dmillerw

    Ubuntu program for backing up program settings (Testers needed)

    *FOR UBUNTU ONLY* So, I was bored and decided to try some very basic programming, and here is the result, a very basic app that will backup the specified programs settings for your user. It can also restore from a previous backup This script requires Zenity: ...
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    A neat Compiz feature in Ubuntu: Grouping and tabbing windows
  5. dmillerw

    How to install the Compiz settings manager in Ubuntu
  6. dmillerw

    Install Spotify on Ubuntu with WINE
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    Basic flash quiz

    If people have any ideas for questions, feel free to message me with it --------- Not sure if this would go here, but I can't think of a better section, if a mod can, please move it. Anyway, I've been bored, so decided to create a basic flash quiz with lives, score and such. I'm posting it here...
  8. dmillerw

    GMod (Garrys Mod)

    Anyone in the US, (particularly in the pacific time zone) want to play GMod online? I'm SO bored. I apologize if this is the wrong place
  9. dmillerw

    HQ quality of this video If someone can just tell me if the HD quality is good or not, I'm imagining it computer can't handle watching HD video so I wouldn't know My new/old computer will be able to though, just waiting for the video card to get here
  10. dmillerw

    Techy name

    I'm looking for a techy name for something I'm starting, kind of like mob3...except...not. Any ideas?
  11. dmillerw

    This good hardware?

    Memory: Graphics Card: Going to be put in a 2 Ghz machine, Pentium 4
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    Custom "Choose your Poison" wallpaper

    We all know the "Choose your Poison" wallpaper, I was bored, so I added to it Comments?
  13. dmillerw

    Fun apps for Ubuntu that reside inside the terminal

    Part 1 In this video I'll show you a few applications that run inside the terminal emacs elinks irssi In this video I'll show you a few more terminal applications rtorrent snownews nano cowsay Follow me...
  14. dmillerw

    Anyone up to making a YouTube intro?

    I'm looking for a YouTube intro for my channel, nothing too fancy, nothing to long. I do tech videos, such as cool software/websites, for both Windows and Ubuntu If someone does make me one, feel free to put "made by so and so, like in the corner or something, make it small though, but not...
  15. dmillerw

    Watch the U.S National debt grow in Ubuntu In this video I'll show you how to watch the national debt grow wget --quiet -O -| \ grep debtiv.gif | \ sed -e 's/.*ALT="//' -e 's/".*//' while true do wget --quiet -O - | grep...
  16. dmillerw

    Reinstall GRUB This video is about reinstalling GRUB after a Windows reinstallation. First Ubuntu tutorial! Commands: sudo grub find /boot/grub/stage1 root (hd?,?) (inside the parenthesizes, type the code you got above) setup (hd0) quit Send me a message on...
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    Favorite OS

    Vote, if you dare!
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    Virtual CloneDrive: Mount ISO's on your computer This video is about Virtual Clone Drive, a virtual CD drive for Windows This video is also for MegaByteTV: Follow me on Twitter @ E-Mail me @...
  19. dmillerw

    Rainmeter Desktop Customization This video is about Rainmeter and the Rainmeter theme, Enigma. Enigma theme: Rainmeter: E-Mail me at [email protected] if you have questions or requests for videos...
  20. dmillerw

    Windows Sidebar for XP This video explains how to get the Windows Sidebar for XP E-Mail me at [email protected] if you have questions or requests for videos. Follow me on Twitter at