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  1. WizardCM

    August Desktop Screenshot Thread

    Did someone say Windows 10? - On the right is Rainmeter with CircuitousTwo and Lano Visualizer. Computer details are here.
  2. WizardCM

    Rumoured windows 10 of the raspberry pi 2?

    Exactly. I would definitely consider Microsoft a fairly reliable source when it comes to their own OS. Plus, both those were posted in February. If it wasn't true, the posts would have been updated. :)
  3. WizardCM

    Chrome using less memory???

    The internet is full of incorrect information, I couldn't imaging why sfc would free up space. xD Good luck though!
  4. WizardCM

    Chrome using less memory???

    It is the system file checker, it scans your Windows files to ensure they are not damaged. More info here.
  5. WizardCM

    Chrome using less memory???

    You are on a 64-bit OS. I'd recommend switching to Chrome 64bit, that will help in how it allocates memory for your system. I would also look into running a memory diagnostic, this will help in making sure your computer's memory is all in working order. Chrome is designed to use whatever memory...
  6. WizardCM

    Windows 10 Insider Preview Experience Thread

    As in to reorder your pins? I believe that's not possible yet, I'd say submit that through the Feedback app.
  7. WizardCM

    Windows 10 Insider Preview Experience Thread

    If you go into Folder Options in File Explorer, you can set what the default location for File Explorer is - I set mine to This PC. Personally, I'm loving a lot of Windows 10's improvements, but it's clearly not finished. I agree on the unneeded splash screens, as they show up for smaller...
  8. WizardCM

    May Desktop Screenshot Thread

    Running the latest Windows 10 build, using a wallpaper made by Michael Gillett, downloadable here. -
  9. WizardCM

    What's Stopping You Buying A Smartwatch?

    Two reasons for me - most are designed for only iOS or Android, and those that aren't (Microsoft Band) aren't sold in Australia. I was originally planning on getting a Kreyos Meteor, but turns out the device is a cheap piece of utter rubbish.
  10. WizardCM

    Youtube Bans Brand Sponsored Videos

    Here's the thing though, Youtube isn't making any money. They say it's because people embed the videos rather than viewing directly, but here's my list of reasons. By bombarding viewers with ads, people are basically forced to use an ad blocker - therefore, less ad revenue (and their fix for...
  11. WizardCM

    Windows Explorer windows close immediately after they're opened

    I would also check Event Viewer to see if anything mentioned Explorer malfunctioning.
  12. WizardCM

    Change One Letter Game

  13. WizardCM

    Music Carly Rae Jepsen is back?

    The chorus is what'll make this song a hit, and yet it sounds so.. childish and lame. "I really really really like you" is the idea she's trying to convey? That's it? Still, listening to this song.. her voice is as amazing and unique as always.
  14. WizardCM

    Stardock Releases Start10 for Windows 10 Technical Preview

    Luckily the Windows 10 start menu tiles are optional. :)
  15. WizardCM

    What Colour Is This Dress? Internet Split Over True Colour

  16. WizardCM

    Pebble Releases New Colour Smartwatch "Pebble Time"

    They've hit $8 Million. Good lord. Too bad they don't support Windows Phone officially.
  17. WizardCM

    Curved Displays - Do You Want One?

    I think... if I wanted an ultra-wide then I'd probably go for a curved monitor in that situation, as that's where it'd make the most sense - it'd emulate a 3-monitor set up pretty well. However.. I don't really see the appeal of either. I think they're like 3D TVs - fancy and unneeded.
  18. WizardCM

    Stardock Releases Start10 for Windows 10 Technical Preview

    Personally I think they've either a) run out of other ways to make money so they're scamming people through a tool like this or b) they've completely misunderstood the point of progress & a technical preview. Either way, this tool is literally pointless.
  19. WizardCM

    Type your username with your nose!

    Are you implying you have a large nose, or that your name is hard to remember when you have a keyboard in your face? :P
  20. WizardCM

    Giant Skype Call or TeamSpeak Chat

    Sounds good, how about this weekend?