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  1. Zaf


    I never understood how to automate rails in the game, like multiple trains on the same track going about in a loop without crashing. The basic tutorials could help me! If anyone has a good tutorial pls do reply to this or message me. Thx!
  2. Zaf

    Addicted to a game ?

    If anyone really enjoys playing SlimeFun machines aspect in Minecraft you would love Factorio. I was hooked on it for weeks when I didnt have access to internet as it works offline as well! Have a look!
  3. Zaf

    Would You Like To Live on Mars?

  4. Zaf

    What do you hate most about facebook?

    Ads, brands, people not being people but celebrities... and i absolutely hate when extended family members add me as a friend who I don't want to talk to and then co-workers.... i mean i see your face all day every day already! why do u feel the need to be on my facebook as well! why!? omg fake...
  5. Zaf

    Anime or not?

    No time to discover that now... I love the cosplays tho even tho i've no idea what someone is cosplaying as lol
  6. Zaf

    Anyone like WWE, or used to like WWF?

    ..for the most part of my life i thought it was real. the whole it is fake thing still doesn't settle well with me especially when i see the damage happening and so i can easily turn off my brain and watch it for hours! lets not forget this is what made TV so famous; one of the earliest TV...
  7. Zaf

    Merry Christmas from DuncsWeb

    Almost 6 months late, but hey have a good day :) hope your christmas was fun, if not then i wish your next one is better :)
  8. Zaf

    What do you think about the U.S.A

    I don't really understand USA completely. I guess I do understand it more than Great Britain of the United Kingdom of the England and Wales..... never mind, USA is far better, I give up the whole west europe area.... I'm envious that US of the A gets everything first and almost everything is...
  9. Zaf

    Adblock Plus "Acceptable Ads"

    Funny how you need a completely different Ad Blocker to run on top of AdBlock Plus to block "Acceptable Ads"
  10. Zaf

    Confirmed Sir Christopher Lee passes away at the age of 93

    Never too late my boi @_CameronL_ May his soul RIP!
  11. Zaf

    I'm back

    I think he meant to say "I'm black" WB tho! :P
  12. Zaf

    Hey there! o/

    Hey there! o/
  13. Zaf

    Whats Your Favirote Operating System

    iOS for phones (iPhones) and on the move (iPads), Windows to actually get stuff done when at work/play (Desktops)!
  14. Zaf

    Windows 10 Users - Do You Use Cortana?

    Really want to, do try at times.... never works for my needs. I guess im still waiting for AI's to get 9000x smarter...
  15. Zaf

    Whose the biggest hero in your life

    Colonel Sanders, of course him! that guy knew what was missing from my life and lives of many many others!
  16. Zaf

    Jordan Appreciation Thread

    Thanks @Jordan for the awesome MC server! Love how ranks work, especially how the ranks get synced and upgraded across Discord and the forums!
  17. Zaf

    What was your first job?

    assistant in architectural design office... was fun because i was given half day off for my studies :) minimal pay but i got my first car out of it so yay? maybe?
  18. Zaf

    What Games Do You Have Installed On Your Computer?

    have so many games but i only plan minecraft... in fact i even have minecraft windows 10 edition installed and i play that sometimes!
  19. Zaf

    Last thing eaten?

    Toblerone... that s*** is amazing and addictive! good i have them in bite sized packs! i keep them far away from me :)
  20. Zaf

    my first software must see

    For some reason my ISP is blocking all the links to the images.... weird!