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    What are you watching right now

    The time
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    Do you watch Reality TV?

    I have to admit that i like im a celeb get me out'a here,but none others no.
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    Whats did this forum think about the darknight

    I'm not usually a batman fan,but i thought the darknight was a great film.I agree that more of the joker would of been better but still good.
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    Suggestions for a movie for the ladyfriend

    Nice one Poo,lol.yeah click is a good film.
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    Gigafide has made a video on this,i also recommend checking out his other videos.
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    Animated Desktop for XP

    Here's one
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    My Web Browser

    Nice job
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    Control Recorder Pro. v 0.02

    Looks good
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    Can anyone help me to start learning C++?

    Cool thread,thanks
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    Cool cheers guys
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    What music are you into right now ? :D!

    Ive recently installed reason and im into making trance music at mo.
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    At This Current Minute Right Now, What Is Playing On Your Speakers?

    Re: What Are You Listening To? Infected Mushrooms
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    Can You Play An Instrument?

    I dont play any,would love to be good at drums,that would be cool.
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    Duncan needs a signature

    Wow thats so cool  Szabo.
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    Real good review
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    Great review
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    Another good review thanks
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    Summer Tech-Job Tips

    Good video
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    ;._.:My College Videos:._.;

    good vids