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    yes you heard it here first (48 or so hours late becase i was playing on it lol) for those of you who dont know quake is a game on the computer and quake live is an internet based version of this which meens you can play it, anywhere! (as long as you download the plugin for your brwser) and i am...
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    can you help me move this file?

    i have a file that i want to move to my external hdd it is a 500GB HDD and whenever i try to move it there is an error message saying there is not enough free space try to delete... etc. so i was wondering how i can move it or what the cmd script is to move a file tnx if you can help  ;) :) :D...
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    duncans joke exposed!

    duncan put a joke folder on youtube on the "free lightweight alternative to limewire cabos" if you pause it at 3 minuites 3 seconds then you will see a folder called more B*** lol  ;) :) :D ;D
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    "YouTube Tech Update" Video with Albert and Bauer

    watch this video this shows how technology has become so advanced it quite amazing plz watch ComputerTV hosts Albert and Bauer give you the latest tech related news for the week, so you don'a have to even bother reading the blogs! Tech Update is a YouTube EXCLUSIVE - uncensored and sometimes...
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    why is vista so bad?

    i dont get why people think that vista is so bad ok ill grant you some programs dont work on it at the end of the day you cant argue "its not as fast as xp" because if you wanted speed that much just go back to dos, vista is only a little bit slower than xp and if you wanted speed get dsl or...
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    whats your favourite game/s?

    my favourite games are gt5 prologue and cod4  ;) :) :D
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    lets talk cod5

    the new cod5 beta has arrived check it out and wht do you think of it?
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    left click (not what you expect)

    when i left click a folder instead of going into the folder it brings up cmd set to the dir of that folder can anybody help to put it back to normal? tnx tj
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    got any ideas on a freeware video converter?

    hey, if you have any ideas on a free video converter please reply to this with either a podt or video responce thanks :)
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    batch file basics

    this is my first youtube vid so plz be kind  ;D
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    ideas for duncan to make new videos about

    i think this should be a part of the forum for ideas of future videos