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    The World's Hardest Game!

    there is a technique to it btw
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    yes you heard it here first (48 or so hours late becase i was playing on it lol) for those of you who dont know quake is a game on the computer and quake live is an internet based version of this which meens you can play it, anywhere! (as long as you download the plugin for your brwser) and i am...
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    duncans joke exposed!

    rofl it was obviously i prank by duncan thats why the topic was called duncans JOKE exposed lolz
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    can you help me move this file?

    i have a file that i want to move to my external hdd it is a 500GB HDD and whenever i try to move it there is an error message saying there is not enough free space try to delete... etc. so i was wondering how i can move it or what the cmd script is to move a file tnx if you can help  ;) :) :D...
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    WTF Are these!

    if you want to know what any processes are google them  ;) :) :D ;D
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    my utube got hacked

    lol mac addresses can change its just more difficult to do rofl on an application called siw or system info for windows you can chane your mac address as for ip address i have a youtube video on how to do it lol
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    duncans joke exposed!

    lol i wonder what duncan has to say about this lol
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    my utube got hacked

    lol im sure thatll persuade them to stop oj seriously though i think they r dicks as they have no right to do this i knew they were planning something its disgraceful how youtube can allow them to get away with it
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    my utube got hacked

    it says this account is closed!!!!!!!!!!
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    my utube got hacked

    hmmmmm interesting... i wonder what they are up to?
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    my utube got hacked

    so y wont you give me his ip again, even if he is just a spammer i believe he should be punished
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    my utube got hacked

    btw whats there ip? i cannot get it, trust me just tell me what it is plz
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    my utube got hacked

    wow wtf i think these are the sorts of people who live in their moms basement until there 40 odd years old and will never lose there virginity and need to get out more and a gf etc. tbh i hope they try to hack my account they are dicks although i wonder why some1 hasnt tryed to trace there ip...
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    How many programs u got ??

    yh lol just count them, oh and iv got 94 programs thats not including games or folders like uninstall  xxxxxxx program
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    duncans joke exposed!

    duncan put a joke folder on youtube on the "free lightweight alternative to limewire cabos" if you pause it at 3 minuites 3 seconds then you will see a folder called more B*** lol  ;) :) :D ;D
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    what do you call MSN?

    msn has more of a ring to it i think
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    How many files do you download each day ?

    it varies alot as sometimes i dont go on  my computer for like a whole day but sometimes i am on it all day downloading stuff but i put 20+ cos if you took an average it would be in the 20s lol  ;) :) :D ;D
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    If you like Football then who will win the Premiership

    now i know city rnt gonna win although i do think they will finish in the top 10 this season i garentee within 3 seasons city will be in the top 5 biggest teams in europe with our new owners at our  side  ;) :) :D ;D
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    2000! Posts

    well done m8 i wish i could do that but i cannot always find stuff to post about lol
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    Need help, PS3 or Xbox

    thank you and i have a friend who has both and he recomends the ps3, also the ps3 is only on the first tear of graficks where as the 360 is on its final tear, also the  ps3 is more powerful thhas an the 360 and can also handle next gen games better and the ps3 is full HD ie 1080pwhere as the 360...