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  1. Stickman278

    Do/Did you tuck in your shirt at school (High School Mostly)

    only when i want to come up to the spot extra fly
  2. Stickman278

    Image Editors is very cool
  3. Stickman278

    Desktop VS Laptop

    plan to have a more powerful desktop in the future but a laptop + bed is great
  4. Stickman278

    Do you have a virtual machine?

    only for when im looking for that silk road kind of website.
  5. Stickman278

    What is your current uptime

  6. Stickman278

    Addicted to a game ?

    binding of issac is really fun and you shoot things by crying like irl
  7. Stickman278

    Family Guy

    seth macfarlane more like seth macfarlame am i right
  8. Stickman278

    Does anyone watch Click?

    no but the adam sandler movie is great
  9. Stickman278

    What is your favourite youtube video?

    Oh, you have a gun do you?
  10. Stickman278

    Big Brother

    shoutout to the sitting ducks
  11. Stickman278

    Malcolm in the middle

  12. Stickman278

    Suggestions for a movie for the ladyfriend

    marley and me
  13. Stickman278

    Last film watched?

    jackass is a great film for the family
  14. Stickman278

    What are you watching right now

    the complete total series to fallen kingdom by captain sparklez
  15. Stickman278


    supernatural ends at season 5 and that's that.
  16. Stickman278

    Your Favourte TV/Movie Quote???

    "Hey Patrick, what am I?" "Uh, Stupid?" "No, I'm Texas!" "Whats the difference?"
  17. Stickman278

    Merry Christmas from DuncsWeb

    merry christmas duncan
  18. Stickman278

    Adblock Plus "Acceptable Ads"

    uBlock is the s*** and doesn't make your browser run slow.
  19. Stickman278

    Favourite Female Singer?

    also bonnie tyler and pat benatar
  20. Stickman278

    What do you like listening to?

    A little piece of everything yknow.