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    Did someone delete my topic?

    Seems to me that someone deleted my post about a demonoid invitation code, did i do something wrong???? CamSox.
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    Macbook Aluminium

    Going to sell one of my Macbooks and was looking for input on how much i should put it on ebay for? The spec: 2ghz intel core 2 duo 2GB of DDR3 1067MB ram 160GB hard drive 5400-rpm nvidia geforce 9400M 256MB 1280x800 LED display Extra: 160gb freecom toughdrive pro speck see thru satin case...
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    My new o2 connection

    Just got my o2 broadband two day earlier than expected. Pretty good uh? Edit-Only £9.79
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    What do you think of my intro.

    Watch it in hd, it's not too good in normal.
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    One of my mates.

    This is one of mates who is training to be a stunt man.
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    Download speed on Sky Broadband

    I was actually quite impressed with this for £10 a month. 1.02MB/SEC
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    Vista Business

    Not sure if any of you know this but if you have a new laptop that has Vista Business on it you can Downgrade to Windows Xp Professional for free. We are doing alot of this at work.
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    Youtube Widescreen

    What do you guys think of the new Youtube widescreen format? I am loving it!
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    My Os x installation on pc

    Just installed OS X Leopard 10.5.5 on my pc and it is running really smooth and fast, here is a screenshot;sa=view;id=334 and yes i know it breaks apples license thingy but hey ho.
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    Is it worth it?

    Just a quick question, as may or may not know i bought a Macbook not so long ago well my fiance has fell in love with it so i gave it to her but what i was wondering is the 2.4ghz model worth the extra £200 for what i going to be doing? Internet and E-mail Creating videos for youtube(coming...
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    Finally done

    Finally done my avatar and signature today what do you think?
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    Just trying out Drupal on my machine anyone else tried it?
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    For Sale/wanted section

    Hi Duncan, On another forum i am involved in they have a clasified ads section where members can swap,trade or sell computer hardware etc..... Is there any chance we could have one on this forum? Cheers CamSox
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    New laptop or new screen

    My mate bought his new laptop around yesterday so i could put xp and avg on it the major problem is i have just dropped it down the stairs and cracked the screen, Hp Laptop = £249 Screen = ???? What do you guys think the price of a screen would be? P.S He knows i have dropped it!
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    Newe area maybe?

    Duncan or mods, could we please have an area for music related stuff maybe? Kind regards CamSox
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    What does your girlfriend think about you being a computer geek?

    my girlfriend always moans about me spending so much time on my computer, is anyone else in the same boat?