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  1. OwlOwl

    Mob3 "3" Wallpaper

    Here's my latest creation. For the best effect, the only good colors that would come out were pink and orange, so hopefully it still looks good. ;) Versions: Pink and Orange with Text: Download: Pink and Orange without Text...
  2. OwlOwl

    Snow Leopard "Cosmic Blue" Wallpaper

    Well, I decided to modify the Snow Leopard wallpaper and turn it into the style/colour you see on the latest package of Snow Leopard Server. Here's the result: Download: (2560x1600) Hope you like it!
  3. OwlOwl

    Mob3 Dune Wallpaper

    Not the best but here it is. Based on a wallpaper from InterfaceLIFT. I'm going to work on it a bit more to make it look more realistic. Hope you like it! UPDATE: Added sand effect to Mob3 logo to make it more realistic. Download:
  4. OwlOwl

    Toshiba Wallpaper

    As far as I know this has never been posted here, so I'll post it. :D I made it in May, and to my surprise it's pretty popular. Download:
  5. OwlOwl


    Wallpaper I made today. Hope you like it, feedback appreciated! Download:
  6. OwlOwl

    New Signature

    As you may have noticed I changed my signatures around quite a bit. This one is unique, something I've never done before. My name is not on it to keep it simple, and if someone else decides to use it they can put their own name on it. What do you guys think of it? :D
  7. OwlOwl

    Red Flower

    I found this picture on my hard drive from June last year and decided to edit it. Nothing special, I just edited the colors. I think it came out a bit too extreme, but who cares!  :laugh: I have no idea why I'm even posting this, but here it is: BTW, you can use the same effect to make your...
  8. OwlOwl

    Fire Hydrant

    Well, here's a random photograph (that I took, of course) of a semi-rusted Fire Hydrant that I obviously edited. First off, yes, I know the bottom looks imperfect. I was too lazy to fix it, and it is for a school project printed on (I think) a 4x6 sheet, making it hard to see the imperfection...
  9. OwlOwl

    Expanding / Improving Mob3

    This might have been posted before, but I'm too lazy to look around for it. :D I purposely did not post this in "Website Suggestions" as this covers a wide variety of topics and requires specific replies. Anyways, I was thinking that Mob3 is becoming "old-school" and needs updating. 1. New...
  10. OwlOwl

    General Discussion moved to bottom?

    I've just noticed that the General Discussion section has been moved to the bottom? Why? It's got to be a mistake! It honestly doesn't make much sense to have it at the bottom, since we have to scroll to the bottom. There is an advantage, however, in that we spend less time in General Discussion...
  11. OwlOwl

    Why is everyone leaving Mob3?

    As many of you have noticed, many Mob3 members are leaving the forum. One day they post a nice guide in the "Guides" section, the next day they're gone. It seems at least 10-20 key or "known posting" members have left, some leaving a message, some not. One that surprised me was Tom DWC. Unless...
  12. OwlOwl

    Candy Apple

    Nothing special, based on a wallpaper I saw on a store computer but couldn't get it off it. Yeah... There's a lot to fix. I'll be coming out with an iPhone/iPod touch version soon! Download:
  13. OwlOwl

    Mouse Calibration

    See next post, I found it very interesting. Worked perfectly for me. Reply with your calibration results!
  14. OwlOwl

    Compaq Wallpaper

    Not sure if it's finished but yeah... Sort of like my HP one but I guess it's not exactly as good since I couldn't get the same effect. Download:
  15. OwlOwl

    Sploder Games

    Share games you made on here! This is one I made, it's called "Mission Asteroids" and lasts about 6 minutes, and it's hard! (Well, kinda) Instant action, no surprises! Click the pic to play! I'm not sure if this topic is suppose to be in...
  16. OwlOwl

    Tux Christmas Wallpaper

    Well IDK it isn't that good... don't have the right computer yet, it's kind of a mess right now. 2500x1900 I think Download:
  17. OwlOwl

    Imagine If...

    So this is how you do this: You say an "Imagine if" sentence, for example: Imagine if you were putting the final touches to a sculpture and all of a sudden it crashed to the ground. Then you can reply to the one before or make your own Imagine If sentence. I hope no one else made the same...
  18. OwlOwl

    Mob3 Custom Winter Sig PSD

    Well, I'm not sure if it's good but I made a Mob3 Winter sig in a downloadable PSD. Finally, you can alter it to your likings so it is unique each time! It's not completely complete so add to it as you wish! You'll need this font to work on it:
  19. OwlOwl

    Aqua Blue HP Wallpaper

    Well I made this about half a month ago but never posted it, so here it is, an HP Aqua Wallpaper. Hope you all like it! Download: (2560x1900) I am posting the DeviantArt link so I can count the downloads. :D
  20. OwlOwl

    What have we found here? (+Windows 98 Space!)

    Not much to say... Just look.. Download: UPDATE: New Pic! Much better brushes now! It's called "Windows 98 Space" Download: