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    what virus are you scared of?

    im scared of Mface and smash also AIDS.COM (its for dos aids not a website)
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    super unplayerble bros.

    i got nestopia (nes emulator) put in a new code i found ekaaae! scary results here they are! more coming soon edit**** on pic 2 mario  name is now mariw
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    pc ruining in 4bit help

    My pc runing in 4bit i tryed to change color resolution and guess what? No 32 bit its fresh install not warezed EDIT****** The copy could be a fake, theres no OOBE folder in system32(the folder at has the song at at you hear when you first start up w windows. (oobe is in system32)i need help...
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    mob3 hobnox accout

    mob3 has it own hobnox make  thing for it like pictures and music! heres the link log-in email:[email protected] pass:mob3 make music all of that stuff P.S ITS NOT THE EMAIL PASS  ITS THE HOBNOX. AND DO NOT EDIT WITH OUT MY PERMISSION OR DUNCANS.... DO NOT USE DO NOT...
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    The National Center for Virus Control has issued a Threat Level 5 warning about a new internet virus that can be transmitted from computers to humans, resulting in flu-like symptoms. Unlike traditional viruses that are spread by email or software downloads, this "CyberFlu" virus is transmitted...
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    build a city

    i have a picture just with trees and stuff and you build over it make whatever houses, buildings,schools,ufo,airoplanes,nukes shops you choose here (what i mean is add things)(you may want to copy image link paste it in your brower to press to full size it.
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    userbar for OS E

    hi guys, i made a userbar for os e i put it on userbars website so you can user it but os e here this is what it look like
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    all around sig finder and userbar maker

    i pres delete on actend I'm sorry
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    my guineqa pigs grandad!

    i borget a female guinea pig for my guinea pig they fell in love and had a baby but now the mum is dead  :'( the baby had a baby so that means hes a grandad!
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    i rickrolled bbc

    with tinyurl and the worse one you can get :D
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    great website this stuff on the site would come out in 2080! (i bet)
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    userbar shop

    this is a user bar shop so like i want on sayigng steam user pong lover google user etc
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    Weird ride

    Shaped like a flying saucer, the Moller M200G Volantor is one of the more unusual attempts to put a flying car on the international car market. It's already on sale at £45,760, and because of its capability to reach heights of 10 feet and travel at speeds of up to 50mph, it would be ideal for...
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    oh no!

    my xbox made a gay nosie and rrod!  >:( ( 3 of them  :(:(:(:(:(:(
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    look at poll i have domated them!
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    post p

    post p!
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    im a jr. member :D
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    should I

    huh huh!
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    huh huh!
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    club penguin

    radom queston