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    astral projection, is it real?

    Elon can do anything its amazing
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    What do you hate most about facebook?

    The stupid updated and adverts they add all the f****** time
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    What's the worst fast food resturant?

    I cant stand Tacobell
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    Weird Food

    Maggot Cheese, never had it, never will, but ive been offered it and i cannot stand the sight of it
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    "The Button"

    Ill press it with my wenis just to prove a point
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    GTA In Real Life

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    Favourite Pizza Chain/Pizza

    Dominos, i love their pizza
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    Factions! :D

    Woah i remember that...
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    Whose the biggest hero in your life

    Probably my friend Tommi for many reasons i cant share
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    Other People like Duncan

    Other people like Duncan? He has friends? (Ly duncy <3)
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    Pop Mashups

    Im a massive lp fan - RIP Chester <3
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    Earthquake In California !

    Never had a proper earthquake, whats it like?
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    What do you think about the U.S.A

    I liked the usa, before Trump
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    What is your favorite video games of all time

    Mw, Mw2 and Halo 2
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    Mind Reading

    Woah man dont f*** me up
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    Anime or not?

    Nah not into anime but most of my friends are so ill tolerate it for them
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    What do you think is the best invention ever made

    Probably anything to do with medicine cause wed only live till we're 30 if it didnt improve
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    DC vs MARVEL who wins???

    Marvel all the way!
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    Anyone like WWE, or used to like WWF?

    Not a fan of wrestling, but i do like steve austin
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    What Kind of dance are you into / doing atm?

    Jumpstyle is class, makes me laugh every time