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    Desktop VS Laptop

    Desktop Is better. It is more powerfull. Some laptops cant run games because they don't have enough power.
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    Count on another ;)
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    Windows XP: Themes

    I'm using a theme called "Royal" Or in other words the Windows Media Centre OS Theme.
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    My Dragon Wallpaper

    Thanks, It has been a great Desktop Wallpaper ;)
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    Your Desktop Screenshots (Revised)

    Wow nice E:/ Drive :P
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    How much spam do you get on your email?

    Omg, Thats nothing I get about 140 Spam emails a day. Nothing to do with anything I have signed up for. Like some Are Saying I have won the lottery in Zimbabwe. 1) I have never been to Zimbabwe. 2) I'm 13 and don't do the lottery. 
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    Hey guys, I'm new here, I like the look of this place and I think I will be very active here. I hope you welcome me :D - Ash :)