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    Find your lost serial key in softwares and games with Key Revealer

    You could also use Belarc Advisor for some stuff too. CamSox
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    10 Reasons You Should Upgrade to Windows 7

    watch this. hp tx2 multi touch win7 CamSox
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    Macbook Aluminium

    Just a heads up guys, the laptop sold for £550 on the bay. Thanks for the input CamSox
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    Did someone delete my topic?

    who is dumbass, me? ;D P.S OwlOwl was first to claim invitation code so may as well lock this thread. cheers guys CamSox.
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    Did someone delete my topic?

    Seems to me that someone deleted my post about a demonoid invitation code, did i do something wrong???? CamSox.
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    Macbook Aluminium

    Got another Macbook but higher spec. P.S this is the aluminium one and is still under warranty until 18 December 2009, it also has an apple remote.
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    Macbook Aluminium

    Going to sell one of my Macbooks and was looking for input on how much i should put it on ebay for? The spec: 2ghz intel core 2 duo 2GB of DDR3 1067MB ram 160GB hard drive 5400-rpm nvidia geforce 9400M 256MB 1280x800 LED display Extra: 160gb freecom toughdrive pro speck see thru satin case...
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    Starting up

    from that set of options there is an option to "disable automatic restart" , that should allow you to see the error message.
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    My new o2 connection

    Just got my o2 broadband two day earlier than expected. Pretty good uh? Edit-Only £9.79
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    IIS and

    What are the problems you are experiencing?
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    I'm getting an iPhone 3G

    Just a heads up on the iphone, They really do not like moisture of any kind. there are two moisture sensors 1 on the dock connector and 1 in the headphone jack, if these are triggered bang goes your warranty. The reason i am telling you this is because 1 of my sensors was triggered (by using...
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    Looking for a website

    Simple solution, Setup your computer as a web server and host the file yourself. CamSox.
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    Annoying Terms Message. PLEASE HELP!!

    Sound like interactive logon message. Goto Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Local Security Policy in the left panel expand "Local Policies" then highlight "Security Options" now in the right pane there should be an option "Interactive logon: Message text for users attempting to log on"...
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    HDD Space decreasing randomly??

    Empty the recycle bin lol ;D
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    How to delete windows vista, and install windows XP.

    Just to clarify, just because you format your drive it does not mean you have to delete your partitions and also some recovery partitions are in a EISA partition as well. Sorry for going off topic. Regards CamSox.
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    security combination...

    Malwarebytes FTW!!!
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    problem to install window xp pro on vista machine

    Some of you are talking crap, you can not format a disk that you are currently booted from. the blue screen may be caused by a setting in the bios, check to see if there is a setting in the bios for "sata mode" and let me know what the options are. Regards CamSox.
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    DVD Drive no responding (I'll give you a hug if you can help!)

    1:On the Windows Start menu, click Run. 2:In the Open box, type Regedit and click OK. 3:Select the following key in the Windows registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} 4:On the Edit menu, click Delete: Value Name...
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    Network Isuues

    Apache should of created the exception itself.
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    Network Isuues

    Yeh Matt is bang on, port forward to 80 for web and port 21 for ftp if you want to be able to upload stuff.