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    TapApps Logo I Made For Reece

    Here is the tapapps logo i made for reece: Please reply with what you think of it
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    Online IRC Client?

    hey any of you kno of a online irc client?
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    Here is a ice picture i made in Photoshop please comment and say what you think Normal: Added effect:
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    i got a psp

    i a psp im posting from this
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    Internet Help

    Hey i re-installed xp and now i cant get the internet working its all plugged in the same and now it wont work :( help
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    Can't Start Computer

    Help me i cant start my pc it starts up gives me the options of safe mode and stuff i cant move the selection my keyboard wont move it, i tryed other keyboards but its the same, so it trys to start windows normaly then it does the windows logo page and i get a blue screen for like 1 sec plz help
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    Purple me :D

    Ok my sister took this pic one night and i thought it was a good idea to test some effcts in photoshop :D EDIT: tell me what you think
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    Tech back and i decided to make a wallpaper for people to use, i think this is a cool wallpaper and i think the effect i used on the text is cool, please reply with what you think.
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    Im Back!

    hi guys, i did quit mob3 but got epicaly bored so im back :D
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    yay! i get 15mins perday on a pc :D i wont be on it everyday but i will most days so i can keep in touch with u :D soon i will have some pics uploaded of mky holday :D
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    Bye mob3

    heya im NOT leaving im just going on holiday for 2 weeks so i wont reply to this post i leave on sunday i might be online for a bit tomorow so im gunna miss u all some of my friends i will keep in contact via twitter but i shull be back =D
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    my runescape private server =D

    hey guys i have made a runescape private server and i need mods and admins to help and and just some people to play, please come playe at
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    Block members?

    hey is there a way to block members on mob3? cus there is someone who i want to block there probaly know who they are but can i block them?
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    Christopher Orchard

    hey guys i made this cool harry potter type image with my name tell me what you think, im using it as my wallpaper now =D if any of you want one just say.
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    omg!!! duncan is doing videos on mobilephone2003 again =D
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    hi people this is a emergency some one hacked my website (not big deal) but thay also hacked my paypal account that had my mobile number and address in what do i do???
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    Thank you!

    hey thanks for helping me lean photoshop i know i still have  loads to learn but since i first started using photoshop i have got better and better, thanks to all who have helped and made me do graphics and thanks to my friends like reecebullet tomking and h1smom. Thanks guys
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    Dont press it!

    woot! made this today in photoshop i think its kinda cool what do u think?
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    Opera help!

    hi im using opera and i try to install voice i press yes to do i want to install then it comes up downloading binary files then it gets to the end of doing that the window goes away and nothing comes up to install voice
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    hey guys i should be getting a imac 24" soon and was wondering does it have built in wireless and do i need anything to connect to my ruter to get wireless?