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    How to: Add a sunset effect to a daytime image in Photoshop CS4 New Channel:  *Please Comment, rate and subscribe*
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    Supernova Explosion

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    All I want for Christmaaasss is ...

    Hey guys, what do you want for christmas? Mine is either money ( :laugh: ) or a 360  ;D But what about you guys?
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    Free movie editor

    Hey guys, does anyone know of a free movie editor where u can mix videos with audio etc? I realllyyy need one cos Movie Maker don't work anymore
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    Without Macworld, how will Apple create a buzz?

    With its decision to end its relationship with the Macworld Expo, Apple is cutting one of its last ties to an era in which it wasn't a technology powerhouse. The shocking news that January's Macworld would be the last with Apple's participation--and that CEO Steve Jobs will not appear--reveals...
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    Vietnam: Where pirated apps matches personal budgets

    HANOI, Vietnam--You say you can't afford the $699 price tag on Adobe Photoshop CS4? How about a $698 discount? That's the kind of deal you'll get here in Hanoi, where pirated software--and virtually any other kind of digital content--is sold indiscriminately at many local shops for about $15,000...
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    Random Image: Luis9955 with heavy emboss and black outer glow and gradient

    Any good? First text with effects in Ps.
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    After following a tut for Ps, I get this:

    So after I followed a tut for PhotoShop, I managed to get this: I used: Photoshop CS3 Extended Any good?
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    Free video encoder for youtube

    Ok, I need to be able to convert from .avi to .wmv for youtube, and it needs to be free, and don't say Movie Maker because whenever I try that it says not enough space/cannot find path specified.
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    Conversion Problem - Twice as Fast?!

    I rendered my .avi video to a .wmv and now the video is like 2x as fast. Any ideas how to fix?
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    Does XPize Darkside work with SP3?

    Well does it? I tried normal XPize and it seemed to work but I'm just curious if it'll work with SP3.
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    CoD5: World at War!

    Hey, has anyone played this game? The graphics and gameplay look FANTASTIC but what's your opinion on it?
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    RAWR - True Egyptian on the Nile XD

    Jesus, I can't believe I done it. A few things: 1. Got 65,477 food without cheats ;D 2. Won the game without creating a single military unit (Minus the Son's of Osiris) 3. Created a humongous Egyptian/Nile-like farming base along the River Nile. P.S - Yes, all that blue blob on the...
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    Grrr...I'm really annoyed so sorry if I seem violent  :police: But anyway My touchpad is ANNOYING MEEEEEEEEEEE. Not being able to easily turn off double-click click is ftl and an EPIC FAIL. Any idea's how to turn it off? So I just use the buttons?
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    Need something?

    Does anyone need any graphic work? EG Wallpapers, sigs etc? Please supply the dimensions of your screen or sig.
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    Did Duncan encourage you to make vids?

    So, did Duncan encourage you to make vids? He did me, so thanks Duncan! :D
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    Does this look like a Mac?

    In your opinion does this resemble a Mac?
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    Intel 'corrects' executives who slammed iPhone

    Intel issued a "correction" Thursday regarding comments one of its executives made earlier this week slamming the iPhone as incapable of working correctly with the Internet. It's hard to see this as anything other than an formal apology to Apple and ARM for comments made by Intel's Shane Wall...
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    Mac, Windows, Ubuntu - Why Bother?

    Just a random picture I was bored lol
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    How could I contribute to mob3? I've already done a few graphics for it but that doesn't really help out the community, I can't code anything and I can't really afford to pay money (I'm broke, see), so I was just wondering what's the best way for me to contribute?