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    Have you guys heard of For the past few weeks, I received a lot of links which was sent by my contacts in MSN and I got very annoyed with it. >:(
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    Afraid of cockroaches?

    For me, yes! I would scream and run away whenever I see one crawling or flying around my house.  :P
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    scanning for malware?

    How often do you scan your computer for malware?
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    Most hated subject?

    What is your most hated subject in school?
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    The time when you injured yourself?

    I remembered I tripped on one of my friend's leg and fell down headfirst onto the ground and chipped my incisors during art lesson a couple of months back ( 10 January 2008 to be precise) The whole mouth was covered with blood and there was even some chipped teeth on the floor! :o My parents was...
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    Eating mushrooms

    For me, I hate to eat mushrooms. Probably it's because it looks unappetizing and has a weird texture. I remember eating my first mushroom and the taste reminds me of urine, yuck!  :laugh:
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    Core 2 duo processor, is it worth it?

    I have an Intel Pentium D processor, I am thinking of changing it to a core 2 duo processor. Do you guys think that it's worth the money to buy the core 2 duo processor or should I just stick to my Pentium D processor?