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    Slowdown in DuncsWeb?

    Yeah, I noticed that DuncsWeb was loading really slowly. I guess the problem was solved, at least to an extent though :)
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    Forza Motorsport 3 Laptime Challenge

    Of course. I plan on doing this run next Saturday.
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    Forza Motorsport 3 Laptime Challenge

    I came up with a fun challenge for everyone who is active here. There is a course in Forza Motorsport 3, called Fujimi Kaido. Simply guess what you think my laptime will be, and the person who is closest wins! Simple, eh? Oh wait. There's a twist. I'm going to be using the lowest spec car at my...
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    what kind of dazzle

    I would say the DVC100, or something with a lower number. The DVC100 is white. I recommend these over higher models for one reason: if you want to stream video on the internet, you can't use the others. The recording file on the higher models is an .avi, and won't be recognised by streaming...
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    Does Anyone Play Combat Arms?

    I tried it, but I didn't enjoy it that much, to be honest. I've heard good things about it though.
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    What Games Consoles Do You Own?

    I own the following consoles: Xbox 360 Playstation 2 Nintendo DS Not that much compared to some people, but they're more than enough for regular gaming.
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    Have You Completed Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

    Is this thread about Call of Duty 4, or Modern Warfare 2? Regardless, I've completed both games. I've completed them both on Veteran difficulty.
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    Recording games on XBOX/PS3

    As Yoko said, a Dazzle capture card is a method of doing it. I have a Dazzle. There are many other models available though. The Dazzle is around £40, and records SD footage. Generally, all SD cards record in the same quality. There are HD cards though. These things really come into their own...
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    Which Office Do You Prefer

    I preferred 2003 and 2007. I got a link for a Technical Preview of 2010, and it looks very good. I liked it a lot, but the TP was pretty buggy. 2010 looks good, and so does 2007, but I felt 2003 was the easiest to use, due to the fact there was no ribbon thing.
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    Spotify Problems

    I've had a problem with Spotify for a considerable amount of time. To put it simply, I can't run it on my laptop. It comes up with an error and doesn't run. I don't understand why this is. Originally when this happened, it came up with a box saying "Spotify cannot initialize the storage of...
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    Do you pay for your Anti Virus?

    Nope. All of my anti-virus / anti-malware programs are completely free. I'm running: ThreatFire AVG Free 9.0 MalwareBytes They're my three main programs for this purpose. They work quite nicely too. All of them have a paid option available too. Should I get a method of online payment, I would...
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    How to Automatically Tweet when your Listening to Music - TuneTweet

    That's pretty cool! I can imagine it becoming annoying for your followers though, if you listen to a lot of music.
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    Whats Your Favirote Operating System

    Probably Windows XP. I prefer it to Vista, even though Vista is my primary OS.
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    What game do you prize most?

    The game I treasure most? Umm.... probably Import Tuner Challenge or CSI: Hard Evidence. They're pretty rare games. Unfortunately, they're pretty average games too. The game I find most fun is either Call of Duty (all of them), or Grand Theft Auto IV.
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    How many Achievments Do You Have On Your XBOX profile

    28,000 Gamerscore, and somewhere around 1000 achievements, IIRC.
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    What Games Do You Have Installed On Your Computer?

    I can't play many PC Games (laptops aren't great for gaming :P), but here's what I've got: Chess Titans* Halo 2 (Games for Windows) Freecell* Grand Theft Auto Grand Theft Auto 2 Hearts* Inkball* Mahjong Titans* Minesweeper* Need for Speed: Underground Solitaire* Spider Solitaire* Feudalism 2...
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    what virus are you scared of?

    I don't really know of enough viruses to know one I'm scared of. I wouldn't like to find the Conficker.C virus, though.
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    👋 Introduce Yourself

    Hey. I'm new here :) These seem like cool forums. I found them through the Mega-Byte TV forum, which is kinda lifeless. Hoping these forums are more active lol