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    Help on how to make videos in the new youtube widescreen format?

    Could someone make a video if they know how to make videos in the new widescreen youtube format?
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    Ipod 4th generation

    Im finally getting it in 1 week, which colour should i get? (This post goes to all of you who have it)
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    Agent Rick Astley 007

    This is not mine and i do NOT take credit for it in anyway.
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    How to confuse an idiot

    This is not mine! Nor do i take credit for it.
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    anyone know of some good vista themes

    Im sick of the default one that i just changed to graphite, i want something cool. could someone show me some good themes and how to install them?
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    Need help, PS3 or Xbox

    I can only get 1, and i cant Decide, but im leaning towards Xbox
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    Wanted to ever make money while having fun at the same time? Check out Heres how it works: The site is advertisement run, everytime you play a game you get a bunch of advertisements, which can be annoying but, you play against other players, to win...
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    I need FaterFox for FF3

    I really need FasterFox, but its for FireFox2 and i have Fire fox 3. And i really dont want to switch back :o i think there's a way, could someone make a video on how to get it?
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    Is windows defender a good spyware scanner?

    Well ive been using windows defender for a couple years now, but is it a good, FREE,Spyware/Malicious software scanner?
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    A Mob3 RuneScape dissucsion group/clan

    Well there was one topic on this section about RuneScape and i noticed that a lot of The members of the forums play RuneScape, we could maybe make a Discussion group/ clan just for Mob3 RuneScape players. Please respond if your interested.
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    Exteel (Robot Action MMORPG)

    Its a pretty cool game with decent graphics. Download it at: Here's a gameplay video:
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    DS or PSP?

    Tell me what you think of the two systems.
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    How to make a professional looking intro for your videos, easily

    Seems like an interesting way to make intro's NOT made by me.
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    Forum Template? Question for Duncan

    I noticed that this forum has the same template as another one i go on. Is there a certain template you used for this forum, as might other people use? If yes could you tell where you got it or how you got it/Made it? Look at the forum at (Yes i play...