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  1. Sonark

    this did not age well @Duncan

    this did not age well @Duncan
  2. Sonark

    What Games Are You Playing Right Now?

    I've been playing CSGO like usual but I've also being playing the Dark Souls trilogy, Elder Scrolls Online, Kingdom Come: Deliverance and I'm about to add another game to that list :smiley:
  3. Sonark

    Do you drink coffee for breakfast?

    I used to drink coffee maybe once every two days but nowadays I just drink GFuel instead
  4. Sonark

    I can relate to that

    I can relate to that
  5. Sonark

    ⛔ Minecraft Ban Appeal Format

    Unfortunately I wasn't the one who banned you and since Anikamarie is no longer in this community we cannot ask her for the reason, despite this as it was a permanent ban it will not be appealed, sorry.
  6. Sonark

    I'm back

    Welcome back!
  7. Sonark

    What are you watching right now

    Watching Designated Survivor, love that show
  8. Sonark

    This or That?

    Intel GFuel or Monster?
  9. Sonark

    This or That?

    Garlic bread Sausage or Bacon?
  10. Sonark

    DC vs MARVEL who wins???

    Marvel because Deadpool <3
  11. Sonark

    Anime or not?

    No. Just no.
  12. Sonark

    What is your favorite video games of all time

    WoW, Runescape, PayDay 2 and CSGO
  13. Sonark

    Whose the biggest hero in your life

    Probably my mother, simply because she's helped me through so many tough times
  14. Sonark

    Anyone like WWE, or used to like WWF?

    I've been a fan of WWE for a long time but don't watch it as much anymore
  15. Sonark

    Weird Food

    I used to really like super noodles with mayonnaise, not had it for a while but it's actually really tasty
  16. Sonark

    What's the worst fast food resturant?

    Never actually had a bad experience at a fast food place restaurant but I'd have to say KFC because they keep running out of chicken
  17. Sonark

    What do you hate most about facebook?

    Probably the spying tbh let's be honest
  18. Sonark

    Favourite Pizza Chain/Pizza

    Dominos with anchovies, olives and tuna with stuffed crust is my jam, so tasty
  19. Sonark

    What Time Do You Sleep?

    I usually sleep 7am-5pm, I have a bad sleep pattern :(