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  1. Sonark

    Do you watch esports?

    I was just curious if anyone here watches any form of esports and which kind? I personally watch a lot of Professional CSGO and am actually going to watch the CSGO Major tournament in London later this year which should be awesome.
  2. Sonark

    ⛔ Minecraft Ban Appeal Format

    Although we hope that this thread will never have to be used, if you've been banned from the Minecraft server for any reason and wish to appeal then please use the follow format in a reply to this thread. Temporary bans will not be removed early and any bans that are permanent cannot be appealed.
  3. Sonark

    Blizzard Korea: World of Warcraft Legion Launch

    With the release of the newest World of Warcraft expansion known as Legion, the South Korean marketing branch for Blizzard released a rather humerous video to celebrate and I have to say it is pretty good. English subtitles are avaliable if you need to enable them. They also did one for...
  4. Sonark

    Guide How do I link my steam, twitter and google account to my duncsweb account?

    If you would like to link either your discord account, microsoft account, google account or your twitter to your DuncsWeb account, either click on the following link, or you can hover over your name in the top left and click "external accounts" Once on the external account page, click the...
  5. Sonark

    Overwatch - What's Your Opinion?

    Overwatch has been out for a few days now and I know personally I've been having a lot of fun playing the game as it feels like such a well made (and finished!) game which seems to be rare these days. Has anyone else been playing? What are your opinions on the game? Who's your favourite...
  6. Sonark

    Confirmed Sir Christopher Lee passes away at the age of 93

    Most of you will know who Sir Christopher Lee was, he was one of the main characters of the Lord of the Rings trilogy playing Saruman and Count Dooku in the Star Wars films. Unfortunately, he has passed away due to "respiratory problems and heart failure". Apparently he passed away in hospital...
  7. Sonark

    SALE Steam Summer Sale 2015

    Prepare your wallets ladies and gentlemen. The Steam Summer Sale is going to start June 11th!
  8. Sonark

    GTA V PC Details/Discussion

    PCGamer have done a lot of articles on GTA V PC this past week, with the release date being 14th April 2015. Debating whether or not to risk a preorder because of GTA IV's terrible port? What you'll need to run...
  9. Sonark

    Confirmed Leonard Nimoy dies at 83 years old - 27/02/2015

    Most people may know Leonard Nimoy as Spock from Star Trek, even if you haven't watched the show it's likely that you know of his character, however he has died today at the age of 83. He tweeted last year about how he had been diagnosed with COPD, a chronic respiratory disease caused by smoking...
  10. Sonark

    Review Nvidia Shield Tablet Review

    After deciding whether or not to get a Nvidia Shield Tablet, I eventually caved in and got one. Thought I'd get round and do a review for it so you guys can decide if you're interested in it or not! - The Tablet & Controller The tablet has a 9" screen, with a stylus for drawing or easy...