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  1. illage4

    Bethesda 1 Day Policy - Do You Buy Based On Reviews?

    I've given up reading reviews from big websites. While the big sites have brought this on themselves (see info on gamergate for what I'm talking about). So its good that the big sites are getting no review copies but on the otherhand the consumer looses out on infomation before buying a game...
  2. illage4

    Show Off Your Desktops! November Screenshot Edition

    Here's mine. Desktop background is from Skyrim Special Edition with Sin reshade, and the tasklbar was made 100% transparent. Moved the icons into the middle using the toolbar trick. (ignore the mouse pointer)
  3. illage4

    Vessel Service Shutting Down October 31st

    Its really bad for some YouTubers. While I hated that they posted videos to vessel first I understand why they did it.
  4. illage4

    Blizzard Says No To Legacy Server Talk at BlizzCon

    Nah its probably because blizzard are ready to talk about Diablo 3 (or Diablo 4) but to be honest I've noticed that since Overwatch launched Blizzard haven't really given all that much care to any of their others games.
  5. illage4

    Windows 10 Desktop Store Apps - Do You Use Them?

    I just find them useless on a desktop. Only ones I use are the mail and calendar app. I don't need the W10 apps for anything else because I can download an actual program that has better functionality and customisation not to mention not needing a microsoft account. An example. Why would I...
  6. illage4

    Check Out This First Look Nintendo's New Console

    I think the switch may very well end up going the same way as the WiiU. They showed games for the WiiU that never actually came out for it. Same thing seems to be happening with the switch with Skyrim not even being confirmed for it.
  7. illage4

    Adblock Plus "Acceptable Ads"

    Why I use uBlock.
  8. illage4

    Owned phone scammer turns nasty

    Lewis Tech on YouTube does scammer videos too. They're pretty funny.
  9. illage4

    Samsung Chromebook Pro Leaked... And It Has A Stylus?

    I don't think its worth £410. If I spend that much I expect better specs and larger storage. Not sure why they called this "Pro" becuause I can't see any professional using this. The only part of this I do like is a Hexa-Core processor. I think we'll have to wait and see where the market...
  10. illage4

    Have Android Nougat 7.0? Get Google Assistant In Just 2 Zips

    A bit odd for google to lock the assitant to the Google Pixel officially at least.
  11. illage4

    October Desktop Thread

    Its that time again. Post your desktops. My desktop is a mess at the moment. I need to fancy it up a little clean up some of the icons.
  12. illage4

    Windows 10 Users - Do You Use Cortana?

    Nope, found ways to disable it.
  13. illage4

    Could You Use Ubuntu Or Linux Ultimate As A Primary Operating System

    I did try using Linux (Xubuntu) on my old laptop that was getting slow with Windows. I miss using Linux for work and stuff.
  14. illage4

    Is A 4K Television Worth The Extra Price?

    If your thinking of getting a PS4 Pro then you'll need a 4KHDR TV which are more expensive than standard 4k TV's.
  15. illage4

    looking for an ssd for gaming but i am a little clueless on what to buy size wise

    SSD's are good for installing and running an OS. Your not going to use one for gaming as at the moment they are too expensive and they don't offer a good enough capacity for games. Only real advantage you'd get for running games on an SSD is faster loading times.
  16. illage4

    Web Design Advice

    You can use Bootstrap to make it easier.
  17. illage4

    Places to learn web development.

    Thought I'd complie a list of places to learn web development to help people make their own websites in the future. Tutorials W3Schools CodeAcademy Code Editors Cloud9 - Can mess around with various types of code and see what it looks like within a live envrionment. Also useful for creating...
  18. illage4

    Need a guide for making a website

    Check out W3Schools if you want to learn HTML CSS etc. Also look into Wordpress, you can use it to make a decent website with very minimal coding providing you have a webhost. If you want to have a crack at learning to code you can try it will allow you mess around with web development in...
  19. illage4

    How to install Linux from a USB drive.

    Wubi is outdated and only works with Ubuntu. This method uses not only Ubuntu but other Linux Distro's too. Download Linux Live USB Creator. Before you use this make sure your USB drive is formatted in FAT32 or FAT and there needs to be at least 810MB free space left. step 1: choose a USB...
  20. illage4

    Wubi - Simplest way to install Ubuntu.

    Its a good idea but there's an even better application out there that allows Ubuntu, and several other Linux Distros to be installed from a USB drive. All you need to do is select the Linux distro you want to use, and then the application will download the ISO or...