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  1. Sakotius

    Combine two recording devices into one?

    Quick question. Is there any software out their that will combine 2 installed audio devices (recording devices obviously)? Basically i have 2 usb devices and i am wanting to combine them into one audio source (obviously i cannot buy a Y Splitter becuase they are USB). If anyone has a program...
  2. Sakotius

    Best Live Gaming Website

    Post all comments and *OTHER* replys in the section below
  3. Sakotius

    Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 Question

    Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong section. My question is is there a way to get wmv bitrate VBR in a one-pass encodeing mode?? You see i cannot find an option to turn it to one-pass. It always encodes two-pass and i just don't have the time to wait for it to encode twice. Thanks In Advance
  4. Sakotius

    Webcam Driver Needed...

    Hey. I uninstalled my webcam a few months to correct something and now i need to use it again. The problem is i have lost my installation CD. Now i have looked on the official website of the company that sold it to me and they do not offer drivers. I have searched far and wide across the plains...
  5. Sakotius

    Yet Another Problem

    Hey this is just a minor problem but still annoying. Everytime i start up my laptop it shows the option menu to go into safe mode. The computer started up and shut down properly but still it always shows this message. Is there any way to stop this from showing?? Thanks Sakotius
  6. Sakotius

    Bad XP Problems

    It started when i booted up today. My first problem is that when my computer logs on it seems to remain inactive for a while while showing my desktop wallpaper. After about 5 mins it logs on normally. My second problem is that "My Computer" takes an age to load. About 3 - 5 mins. Another problem...
  7. Sakotius

    Annoying Terms Message. PLEASE HELP!!

    Ok so i have had my laptop a while now. I got it from my school as they were getting new ones. Everytime i start it up, Before the welcome screen comes on a dialog box shows up saying "do you agree with the terms below" and then ots of terms and then an "OK" button. Does anybody know a way to...
  8. Sakotius

    Yellow Dog Linux + Wine

    Ok so i want to play high end pc games but the computer I have is really crappy. I was thinking about installing YDL on my ps3 and running wine on it to play top end pc games. If the game is compatable with wine surely it should work. My ps3 is 80gb btw. Thanks In Advance Guys :D
  9. Sakotius

    Do you want duncan back on mobilephone2003

    This is for the youtube account. Post your additional info below :D
  10. Sakotius

    Should Xbox live make a PS3 Home type game?

    Please post additional answers below
  11. Sakotius

    AVI to youtube in 630x360 ratio =...

    Ok so i uploaded an AVI video in H.264 codec resized to 640x360 to the nearest neighbor in VirtualDubMod. I uploaded the video and i got black bars at the sides of the video. I have had this problem in the past and used mp4 format. It worked but with quality and framerate issues. If anyone...
  12. Sakotius

    Post your most used service!

    What service do you use the most? Youtube, MSN, Xfire, Ustream, Photobucket, Yahoo messenger etc... Post your most used service. I will start I use MSN everytime i come on the computer and do not sign out. That is my most used service
  13. Sakotius

    Member status upgrade??

    Ok so i have been at the newbie stage for a long time now. Can anyone please tell me how i advance? Thanks in advance
  14. Sakotius

    I Have A New Site :D

    I now have an official site to do with computers and gaming located here I am really pleased about my new site and it's the first thing i have been devoted to. If you would like to you can sign up for my website. I hope to see many of you there Thanks Sakotius
  15. Sakotius


    So i've been thinking about downloading xfire. Now i hear it is extremely useful but at the same time i would need to stop a process from use-on-startup. Do you think it's worth the ram if i am going to start using my PC based computer games again?
  16. Sakotius

    The word mixing game

    Ok so the game is simple. You have to say something that has something to do with the last word (EXAMPLE: Bannana *next post* Monkey *next post* trees) So i'll begi the game. FIRST WORD: Computer
  17. Sakotius

    ClickTeam Install Creator

    This is just showing you the program and how to create an installation using it
  18. Sakotius

    Orbit Downloader

    Showing you orbit and some of the features
  19. Sakotius

    Duncan - Read This!

    Hi duncan. I heard on your last video when you made my heart sink (yes... The trick video! And yes i watched it all the way through) any way back on topic. I heard about you wanting to start a live stream.Well i have started on using manycam. Manycam can record your desktop like a...
  20. Sakotius

    GTA 4 Motorbike Glitch

    Since there is no video section in gaming i thought this was the only place to post my videos :D enjoy