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  1. illage4

    October Desktop Thread

    Its that time again. Post your desktops. My desktop is a mess at the moment. I need to fancy it up a little clean up some of the icons.
  2. illage4

    Places to learn web development.

    Thought I'd complie a list of places to learn web development to help people make their own websites in the future. Tutorials W3Schools CodeAcademy Code Editors Cloud9 - Can mess around with various types of code and see what it looks like within a live envrionment. Also useful for creating...
  3. illage4

    How to install Linux from a USB drive.

    Wubi is outdated and only works with Ubuntu. This method uses not only Ubuntu but other Linux Distro's too. Download Linux Live USB Creator. Before you use this make sure your USB drive is formatted in FAT32 or FAT and there needs to be at least 810MB free space left. step 1: choose a USB...
  4. illage4

    Custom Themes on Windows 10

    Note: Updates and patches to Windows 10 may change things, this guide assumes your on the anniversary update. I love custom themes, and I'm going to show you how to it on Windows 10. Patch the system and other software On Windows 10 the patching process is a lot more complicated, so I...
  5. illage4

    Oldies from Mob3 where are you all now?

    Thought I'd make this post to see where all the oldies from the old Mob3 days are now. So back in the day I went by the user name illage2 and still go by that name on several websites etc. I used to post on Mob3 when I was at college thankfully Mob3 was never blocked and the tutors at the...