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    Will Windows 7 be better than windows vista?

    No, I'm not wrong. I've tried the Beta, it's nothing amazing to try the beta out. What I mean is Windows Vista was just a public release Beta for 7. Hence why it sucked so bad.
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    How to: Add a sunset effect to a daytime image in Photoshop CS4

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    How to: Add a sunset effect to a daytime image in Photoshop CS4 New Channel:  *Please Comment, rate and subscribe*
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    Supernova Explosion

    Is it a copy of this one? If so, you has good knowledge of GIMP sites :D Oh, and JDH, I made it myself. Proof.
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    My older bigger work Erm...?
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    Supernova Explosion

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    What Guns Do You Use On Call Of Duty 5 (Setup, Perks etc) & General COD Talk.

    I'm betting you use Juggernoob with that aswell?
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    Halo 3 Campaign

    (1-3 others) Campaign has a max of 4, and yeah I'll do it with you, I might be able to get my mate aswell.
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    Hacked Runescape Account...that belonged to a 11 year old

    Well, tbh, the kid deserved to be owned like that. What kinda sad person spends £140 REAL MONEY on yellow java pictures? It's against the rules of RuneScape.
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    Minefield AKA Mozilla Firefox 3.2 Alpha 1 Pre Release

    So is Minefield the nickname for Firefox 3.2 Alpha 1? Or are they renaming it to Mozilla Minefield?
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    Does this look like a Mac?

    There is no real reason. People just...well, do it.
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    Xbox 360

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    PS Home Discussion

    Can you give ONE GOOD reason? No. Because you are a PS3 fanboy. You're just coming across as a sad person who cares more about consoles than life.
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    Will Windows 7 be better than windows vista?

    Yes. It will be less resource hungary than Vista, has much more features, and this time, it won't be a Public Release Beta.
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    site messaging

    That would just defeat the purpose.
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    COD6 Announced AKA Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2!

    Hmm, good question. They most probably have noticed many people enjoyed Nazi Zombies so perhaps they may make a more modern version of that? However so far these are the new features/updates I can think of: Better Graphics? Better Gameplay (eg new perks etc)? New Campaign (Obvious) Something...
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    Why Guys love Girls

    Yeah, the chain thing ruined it.
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    Left 4 Dead GamePlay

    This seems VERY similiar to Half-Life 2, except the people have become zombies meaninglessly, whereas on Half-Life 2 they get "humped" by Alien Crabs. Even one or 2 of the zombies died the same way. Still looks good though.
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    Free video encoder for youtube

    Thanks all, I use MediaConverter now.
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    How to get your profile video to auto play without being a partner

    I think they fixed it now, cos Lewis done it before and it no longer seems to work.