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    Help on how to make videos in the new youtube widescreen format?

    Could someone make a video if they know how to make videos in the new widescreen youtube format?
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    Ipod 4th generation

    Im finally getting it in 1 week, which colour should i get? (This post goes to all of you who have it)
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    How to change your Mozilla Firefox 3 icon into a BAD ASS Mozilla Firefox 3 icon

    could you give me the link for your desktop wallpaper? its looks really cool.
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    Agent Rick Astley 007

    This is not mine and i do NOT take credit for it in anyway.
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    How to confuse an idiot

    Yeah i got fooled by this so i decided to post this.
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    What does your girlfriend think about you being a computer geek? GF doesn't really care.
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    How to confuse an idiot

    lol....Its proven something definatley!
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    How to confuse an idiot

    This is not mine! Nor do i take credit for it.
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    New intro i made with sony vegas

    Very nice job though despite that it needs some work, i could never do this with Vegas. By the way, 100 posts, WOOT
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    What mobile do you have?

    LG chocolate v8 (i think thats how its called, lol)
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    anyone know of some good vista themes

    Im sick of the default one that i just changed to graphite, i want something cool. could someone show me some good themes and how to install them?
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    If your not old enough, your parent or guardian makes some kind of special account (forget how its called) and you put your money in it but your parents are the only ones that can take stuff out. and what i do is when i get a check from somewhere, i just give the check to my parents and they...
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    Longer than 10 mins???

    your videos need to be constantly watched, they dont want to waste there time on amateurs (Not that you are one)
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    Need help, PS3 or Xbox

    I can only get 1, and i cant Decide, but im leaning towards Xbox
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    DS or PSP?

    Lol i know what yuo mean, i have both though, im a huge Zelda fan, which PSP doesnt provide, so i play Zelda games on the DS
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    Wanted to ever make money while having fun at the same time? Check out Heres how it works: The site is advertisement run, everytime you play a game you get a bunch of advertisements, which can be annoying but, you play against other players, to win...
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    I need FaterFox for FF3

    I really need FasterFox, but its for FireFox2 and i have Fire fox 3. And i really dont want to switch back :o i think there's a way, could someone make a video on how to get it?
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    Free Video editing software great editing
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    Record Ram Usage of Firefox

    My ram usage for FF isnt that bad, only 120k :o