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    OSX Leopard Or Windows 7

    I am not going to cause an argument here.. but i think that Windows 7 is better.. the reason is that Macs, in my opinion are overpriced.. and also i am a PC Guy :P
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    Windows 7 Problem.. Help?

    i had this problem with my wireless adapter.. but i put it in compatibility mode and it worked fine... when it worked it actually alerted me that there was a newer peice of software for it, try searching online.... Thanks, Niall
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    Chat Room Closure

    rofl.. this is old - Idealy, someone should close it or else people will think #duncsweb is closed already heh
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    Microsoft´s new FREE Antivirus/AntiSpyware/AntiMalware - Morro

    I think it is about time Microsoft made something like this.... you would have thought they would have thought of it before..
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    Duncsweb Chat

    the duncsweb chat is an awesome place to chat.. i am always in there.... :P
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    Classic Game Downloads?

    thanks =) will try it and if it works ill get back to you =)
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    Classic Game Downloads?

    Hey mob3, My Dad (for some mad reason) misses some of the games that he had in Windows 98. One of them is Ultimate Soccer Manager 98-99, i know this is an old and outdated game but it will not work for him in Windows XP and he wants it to.. Does anyone know a place where you can download this...
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    Webcam Driver Needed...

    Duncan did a video on a program called Debut, It seems to work fine with me after my webcam drivers got lost somewhere.
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    Your first ever computer

    haha.. the first ever computer I had was a Packard Bell (not sure on the model), but it was a packard bell :P It ran Windows 98 i seem to remember, it had an amazing 10GB HDD, Dialup internet and 32MB RAM (Extendible to 64MB :P). I cant remember what processor it had, i think it was an Intel...
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    IRC Chat Room Now Online

    Well it is a shame that we have no Mob3 chat room! It was great!
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    CTRL+V the last thing you've copied.

    I put it in my signiture :P
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    Guess who will post next

    nope BBC Next?
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    Fuse Your Name With The Person Above You

    bbc iNiall95 (as opposed to iPlayer XD)
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    my utube got hacked

    And what is too remember folks.. even if it was YouTube they shouldn't ask for your password. That is like telling the person who works in the bank your bank pin. You just woudn't do it would you? So if you do get any messages like these: block them, report them and DO NOT give away your...
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    [Solved] Trojan.Brisv.A

    Re: Trojan.Brisv.A Thanks Owl - but it wasn't needed as Unlocker deleted them (although it took a while) Thanks to Duncan for that program - will keep that handy on one of my hard drives in case something like that happens again. Cheers, Niall D
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    [Solved] Trojan.Brisv.A

    Re: Trojan.Brisv.A Thanks Duncan  :) Will try it.. but every time I right click it Explorer stops responding :S Oh well, hope it works though
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    [Solved] Trojan.Brisv.A

    hi guys  :) me again, just wondering - has anyone heard of Trojan.Brisv.A it is a trojan horse found in some music that i downloaded in LimeWire. Norton cannot remove it and when i try do delete it it comes up with 'The File Is In Use'.. i downloaded a removing program built especially for...
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    Please Help!!!!!!!!

    ComputerKid117: Don't have a clue.. This hasn't happened to my laptop since i told you it did it three times in one day! did run some scans with some freeware packages that i found.. ever since i fixed all the problems MY LAPTOP IS WORKING FINE!! If i have any other problems i will be sure to...