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    If a zombie attacked what would you do

    Defenately run like hell! I have research on these things, and they can't run, but they don't tire. So hope to good your an olympic runner! :D
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    Do you have a wii, xbox 360 or PS3?

    I have a Wii and PS3. Wii is better for general play, but if your a serious gamer, get the PS3 by all means.
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    I used to play, then I quit at level 89 with 96 fletching I think. If anyone wants to, they can look up Homedawg68 on the Highscores and thats me. I've thought about going back, but I found a better game called Ragnarok, plus they ruined the trade system, so I don't think I'll ever go back  :-\
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    List of FREE MMORPG's

    Ragnarok online is a great game, there are a few good private servers. But good game none the less.
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    Xbox 360, Wii or PS3?

    Well I have a Wii and a PS3 and personally I prefer the Wii.