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  1. Tyroul

    ❌ Memories of a Minecraft Server [DuncsWeb Xtreme]

    Was just reminiscing about good old times when I remember this video. Come next month it will almost be 3 years since it shut down. Good times.
  2. Tyroul

    Reign of Kings - Reveal

    Here we have the trailer for a new game thats coming to Steam Early Access at some point in the near future, personally I think this game has a lot of potential and a lot of Minecraft/RPG elements in it that really make a game interesting. Not to mention a Chivalry/Mount and Blade style combat...
  3. Tyroul

    The Amazing Story, of Tyroul...

    Once upon a time, in a town called Swansea. There was a guy named Alex, or as some might know him Tyroul. He had been playing Duncsweb/DuncsMC so many years, 3 to be exact and have never been disloyal to the server. Along the road of Duncsweb, he made a lot of good friendships which remain...