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  1. kidguru

    Post your Geek Setup

    I have a huge fascination with geek setups/desks ever since I've got into technology. Especially someone who works from home I spend a majority of my time in my office. Recently I've separated my room from my office and was interested in seeing everyone else setups. Personally I aim for a...
  2. kidguru

    Do you pay for your Anti Virus?

    I was using Norton 360 for my desktop , laptop and parents pc  then subscription expired and now im using antivir & Clamwin and probaly will pick microsoft security essentials
  3. kidguru

    Why i hate sundays.

    Sundays are half & half bad side its the end of the weekend and school starts but its a start to a new week & sundays are my stay in days i usually hang & skate etc on friday & sat then sundays are my chill hmwk, study ,podcast days haha
  4. kidguru

    what virus are you scared of?

    haha any thing that infects my computer , is harmful in anway im scared off lol
  5. kidguru

    logitech G5.1 surround sound system

    I have the X540 deccent sound not too powerful but okay for gaming, movies ,music but again not enough oomph haha looking into these ones look more stylish and powerful
  6. kidguru

    Your Computer Specs

    My main machine even though its old is Compaq Presario SR103ONX Windows 7 32-Bit Intel X-25 M SSD 80GB + 160Gb HD 1.5 GB Ram 2.16 GHZ AMD Anthlon An Old Nvidia Geforce 5200 FX ( Old crappy card but handles dual monitors upgrading to a nice ATI card soon ) 5.1  Sound Card and two 22 inch...
  7. kidguru

    Where can I start learning PHP?

    Yea it takes time to learn any language really i'd reccomend ., even youtube videos done by people like jimmyrcom really do a great job of covering basics of php and provide software to run apache etc on your computer to play around with php i'd also reccomend getting an...
  8. kidguru

    Japan With The Worlds Fastest Broadband

    Man i need to find this ISP haha seeing as im in japan that speed sounds amazing & the price is awesome , one of the advantages of being down here in JP =)
  9. kidguru

    Senator Ted Kennedy died....

    Agreed its a tragedy when anyone dies but someone who devoted to good causes & came from a great family makes it harder he just like his brothers will always be missed may they R.I.P
  10. kidguru

    Need Alternative To SonyVegas

    Wax 2.0 Virtual Dub theres also simplified versions of vegas
  11. kidguru

    Will Windows 7 be better than windows vista?

    In my experience with windows 7 for the last 2 week it defintaley less of a hog in ram than vista, start up and shutdown time are better, still bugs here and there but i think the final release will be overall stable, secure and run overall better than vista just my opinions
  12. kidguru

    App Review: Touch Grind

    Application Review of Touch Grind NOTE: Im not sure if this is the proper place to post the iphone/itouch app reviews if not please move the post Application Review App Name: Touch Grind Price: 4.99$ Description: An Iphone/I-Touch game that represents a finger skate game that has great...
  13. kidguru

    How to install Windows 7 in a Virutal Machine

    This tutorial shows how to install Windows 7 in a virtual machine for test use etc How to install Windows 7 in a Virtual Machine LINKS: WINDOWS 7= VIRTUAL BOX =
  14. kidguru

    I'm Back!

    Hello all Kidguru here, now people may not know me but anyways im Adrian (Kidguru or Lakercoolman) whatever you want to call me just wanted to say i havent been on the Mob3 Forums latley in a long time actually and made a return i really loved the forums just got caught up in lots of other stuff...
  15. kidguru

    Dual Monitors

    different wallpapers yup search up Display fusion and that should deal with ur needs enjoy
  16. kidguru

    Duncan needs some urgent help!

    Sent you the files hope i got em all
  17. kidguru

    Page Time Outs

    hmm thats odd , hope u find out what it is  so far so good for me thn again its probaly cuz my time lol
  18. kidguru

    Firefox Themes

    In The Dark & Whitehart , Black And White
  19. kidguru

    3000 YouTube Subscribers

    DAMN Lol there just going up and up GRATZ
  20. kidguru

    Battlefield 2142 (BF2142)

    i have 1942  great game and looking forward to buying this one