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    intro wanted

    please can anyone make me a good intro fir my vids im going to make in the futre for youtube. what i want included my youtube account name - andrewraggett1 and the show name - gadget reviews thankyou i appreciate your time also in my video description i will put intro made by ...
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    alienware laptops or pc's!!

    would anyone want to make a review video of their alienware laptops or pc's and post them on youtube and share them to andrewraggett1:D i am very interested in alienware but at the moment i cant afford one but i would like to see some of your reviews
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    How Do You Use Your Laptop Mouse?

    How do you use you laptop mouse i am intereststed in the ways other people use laptop mice. do you mostly tap the pad to click do you mostly press the button to click do you use both to click
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    Why Are Macs So Expensive?

    this is only my opinion but maybe some people will strongly agree and disagree i think they are good machines but they are way too over priced its as if i feel i will never be able to afford a mac apparently it only costs them so little to make the machines and operating systems and they sell...