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    Can you make a rhyme to one of these?

    Skittles I have and Skittles you don't  -or- Skittles I have and Skittles you lack
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    Can anyone please tell me what CD is this?

    When I was about 9 or 10 years old I had this CD that I always listened to. I had a house fire and lost the CD. I need to know if any of you can tell me the band of the CD that kinda looks like this.
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    How you!! Yeah you!! CHECK THIS OUT..

    Is there a way that I can take the wi-fi reciever out of my PSP and somehow hack it to work on my XBOX 360?? This questin has been bothering me for a couple months. PLEASE HELP!!
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    Hey you, Yeah you.. CHECK THIS OUT

    Can someone.. anyone hook me up with some XBOX LIVE MEMBERSHIP or a 48 HOUR GAMEPLAY CODE.. PRETTY PLEASE WITH MOUNTAIN DEW ON TOP!!!!!!! UPDATE: I already got one from my friend.. Lolz Thanks anyway.
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    Firefox Flash Problems [[PLEASE HELP ME!!]]

    When I try to play some flash objects such as MySpace Music or Yahoo! News videos this abort message keeps popping up every time I try to watch a Yahoo! video or every time the song on MySpace Music changes:   Whenever I push either 'Abort' or 'Ignore' 1 to 3 times it will play the object...
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    FreeMusicZilla [Rip Music From Myspace]