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  1. OwlOwl

    [STEAM] Holiday deals started

    Wow - I just bought that game for $20 CAD at the store! Looks like I'll be shopping around Steam for some deals. ;)
  2. OwlOwl

    3000+ Members

    Lol, but only like 30 of them are actually active, so yeah.
  3. OwlOwl

    Wii vs. 360

    Even if the Wii has a web browser, I'd highly doubt it supports Flash, which is what YouTube uses. The thinking I use is that, although the Xbox doesn't come with WiFi out of the box, it can always be added later, while you're stuck with poor graphics and games on the Wii. I'd say if you can...
  4. OwlOwl

    Is Twitter down?

    Lol, did you see the date this topic was posted?
  5. OwlOwl

    What Kind of Cell Phone do you Have?

    Just bought a Nokia 6190, should arrive in a week or so. :D
  6. OwlOwl

    Looking for a game

    Oh yeah, I have that game in its retail box :D. And speaking of games, thanks for reminding me to install some of them on my new computer.
  7. OwlOwl

    Your Computer Specs

    Well, this is going to be my main system: Make: Sun Microsystems Model: W2100z Processor: 2x 2.6Ghz AMD Opteron 252 RAM: 6GB DDR HDD: 73GB SCSI, 500GB SATA Graphics: NVIDIA QuadroFX 1100 PSU: 550W AcBel DVD: 20x DVD Burner OS: Windows 7 Professional
  8. OwlOwl

    GeForce 7600GS Windows 7 Problems

    I know what the problem is and I have it as well. If you click on your graphics card info somewhere, it will probably show that you have some dedicated memory and there is some shared memory which isn't actually there (or is it?). I have a 128MB graphics card and it's showing up as 512MB. Is...
  9. OwlOwl

    5:4 aspect ratio for gaming? (with 1280x1024 screen resolution)

    I used a 360 hooked up via VGA to a 1280x1024 monitor and it ran perfectly fine. There were black bars only when playing games that don't support the standard aspect ratio, such as Forza 2, which also had the same problem on a 4:3 1024x768 monitor. For the most part, there shouldn't be any...
  10. OwlOwl

    Three little boxes?

    Good question, actually. I think it just looks better without them on this theme, that's all.
  11. OwlOwl

    Reasons to not upgrade to Windows 7.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  12. OwlOwl

    Win7 upgrade

    I don't exactly understand what you're asking, but I'll guess. So, you purchased the full version and want to use it to upgrade an existing OS, such as Vista? To my knowledge, if that's the case, you can't do it. You must purchase the Upgrade version if you plan on upgrading, the full version...
  13. OwlOwl

    Any good auction sites

    Amazon isn't an auction site, BTW. Although there are probably quite a few UK-based auction sites, I would stick with something larger like eBay simply for your protection, as you never know if those other sites are scams or not until you buy something from them. Besides, it's your best bet if...
  14. OwlOwl

    Highly Respected Donator - Thankyou Duncan

    Congrats. You know, I think we're giving back to Duncan as it is. Helping other people and posting on the forum is a great thank you, even if you're not giving out any money. But, if you've got some spare change, Duncan does deserve a little pocket change, of course. ;-)
  15. OwlOwl

    I think my com is deadish

    Have you tried a different video card? It might be giving some windows shutdown error which is blocking it from starting up again. But yeah, you might have shorted the motherboard.
  16. OwlOwl

    The Clocks Have Gone Back

    Well, in Canada at least the time hasn't gone back yet. I believe it'll be on November 1st here.
  17. OwlOwl

    Can't Start Computer

    Copy the files first by plugging the hard drive into another PC, then try formatting. What type of keyboard were you using? USB? PS2? If you used PS2, try a USB one, and vice versa.
  18. OwlOwl

    whats better

    In terms of consoles, the PS3, hardware-wise will last you much longer because the technology is quite a bit newer than that used in the Xbox 360. I feel that because of the limit of DVD media, on the Xbox 360 you can either go for quality or amount of game data, but with the PS3's BluRay disc...
  19. OwlOwl

    Mob3: PM's How Many You Have Sitting In Your Inbox?

    Strangely enough, I also have 93 PMs!
  20. OwlOwl

    Bye mob3

    Umm... This was like 2 months ago? lol