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  1. RoflsourZ

    Quake Live

    Quake Live is a browser-based re-release of Quake 3 Arena, much in the style/vein of InstantAction. The release date has been set to sometime this year, however there is a beta out which you can sign up for on the official site ( ). Here's a trailer...
  2. RoflsourZ

    A signature I made

    Hey, just made this a couple of minutes ago. I am happy with how it came out: What do you guys think?
  3. RoflsourZ

    Kermit the frog goes to Burger King

    Just something I found on youtube:
  4. RoflsourZ


    Free game very much like Quake Arena (built on the same engine). It has many different maps and gametypes, and new stuff is being added all the time. Latest version is 0.80, runs on both PC and Linux (Mac version is still in the works, but here's an older version). Duncan...