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    computer for school

    Hi I am doing online classes for interior design and using the adobe programs with the creative cloud and will be using the autocad program. I am saving up my refunds to get a good computer that will run those programs well and that will help with my career after i graduate. Also if it could...
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    Router and tablet not liking each other

    Hey i got a belkin N600 DB wireless router and a D2 721G tablet, that will not talk to each other. when i try to turn the wireless on, on the tablet, the router will reboot itself continuously, until i turn the wireless off on the tablet. Is there anything i could do that would help besides...
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    Dual Monitor Problem

    Here is another problem, that i am not sure of how to describe, so i will do my best. I set up a computer for my church for the media, which has dual monitors. They are both HP monitors and both VGA inputs, using a DP - VGA adapter, (DP = display port, i never heard of that type before, but...
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    AntiVirus Question

    I got a computer that had a virus on it. I cleaned the virus from it, but when i go to log in to windows, the antivirus program says supicas (how ever you spell the word) activity and logs me out. I can't even log in, to disable the antivirus or uninstall it, to get my files off, so i can...
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    Question about Windows Movie Maker in Vista

    I am not sure if this is the right area to ask this, if it isn't please move this to the right area. anyways, my question is My digital camera takes video in .mov format and i have been using windows movie maker, it allows me to import that format fine. Been working on some video projects and...