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    Hi, I'm brandonio21, and this is my intro.

    Hey guys! I've had to introduce myself on duncsweb-esque forums many times now, but I have no issue with doing it again. I am a 20 year old computer enthusiast (aren't we all?). I spend my time playing League of Legends, Hearthstone, studying, or coding. I am currently a Computer Science...
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    Website idea. What do you think?

    Hey guys, Ever since Gabazoom got taken down I have had an idea for a website. Heres the concept : 1. Users register and click on ads. Each ad earns them $.01 2. People submit ads - $2.50 for 100 clicks ($1.00 goes to the clickers/$1.50 goes to the website) 3. Users earn $5.00 and can export to...
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    Slowdown in DuncsWeb?

    Hey guys, I recently went on Duncsweb to find the page taking a horrendous 10 seconds to load. Has anyone else had this immediate slowdown of Duncsweb? Or is it just me?
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    What is everyones Google Wave?

    Hey guys, I just got accepted for google wave, and i was wondering, What is everyones google wave address so i can add them to my contacts. Mine is : [email protected]
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    Giveaway Suggestions/Ideas?

    Hey guys, Once i hit my 100 subscriber mark on youtube (18 more!) I will be doing a BIG giveaway, and you guys are the only ones to know about to, but the thing is, I don't really know what to give away... So could you maybe suggest some stuff to give away?
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    Three little boxes?

    Hey guys, just a quick post wondering what happened to the 3 little boxes that used to be to the right of Mob3(top right corner)  Did we take them out orrr?
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    Make it simpler?Pic share n save

    Hey guys, if you don't know, I created a site called Pic save and Share. Now i need your guys opinion on this site. Is the site good as it is? Or should i make it more simple? I need your suggestions people!  -Reviews and comments appreciated View the site at :
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    Do we like technobuffalo?

    Hey guys, I was wondering. Do you guys like 'Techno Buffalo' and its community? Because i was on their site, and i was thinking. What is we had an all out war - Mob3 vs TechnoBuffalo xD So do you guys like technobuffalo? =o
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    Why i hate sundays.

    Well i hate sundays. Why? Well because this : Its American Football day, meaning my family doesnt do . Nobodys in a good mood, especially my father School is tomorrow So why do you hate sundays? share your comments! Edited by Bkil Please don't swear.
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    Echofon vs Twhirl

    Hey guys. I've been troubled for a while now, about whether to use ECHOFON, or TWHIRL, for my twitter updates, if anyone can help me decide i would appreciate it. Thanks!
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    Leo Laporte - Great podcast for you tecchies!

    Hey guys, I don't know about you, but i'm very addicted to the tech world, and i like to listen to tech news when im on the go as well, so im going to tell you about Leo Laporte, he is a tech podcaster from California, USA who does alot of tech talk, and he is located at...
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    DDR RAM For Cheap?

    Hey guys I'm running an old computer from 2005, and It has a very small amount of RAM. and I really want to upgrade the amount it has, but it runs on the old format of RAM [DDR] as opposed to DDR2. And All i need is a 1GB stick of DDR, but that runs into the problem of 80$! So i was wondering if...
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    Mob3 Wiki!?!

    Hey guys, I recently logged into Mob3 and i realized there was a new link to the MOB3 WIKI. Of course I had to click on it, and upon my arrival to the site, I was impressed, as for it is just like Wikpedia. The mob3 wiki is pretty much a site where you can look at Free Windows, Mac, and Linux...
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    How to create your own software - SERIES

    Hey guys, If you've been following me on Youtube, or mega-byte TV you will know that I am creating a set of tutorials on how to create your own software.  Well I have been getting alot of really good comments on these videos, and it's really encouraging me to make more!  But I just wanted to get...
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    I need testers!

    Hey guys, I am making a program in visual basic 2008 called Brandons HTML-Ide, and i really need people to help me out. It is pretty much an HTML editor where you can see what the HTML code does in realtime. I need some people with HTML experience to test this out, I really need suggestions on...
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    Brandons HTML-Ide

    Hey guys i am working on a program called B:HTML-IDE and i would like you guys to test it out :) It is pretty much a program that lets you type the HTML code, and view the progress of your code in realtime -It is still in the BETA stage so alot might not work :o It has an auto-updater so you...
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    Brandonsoft - My programming

    Hey guys i have been programming for about 4 years now - And now i want to share everything with you, I have created a website and i really wanted to get the word out about it. So if you could please check it out - Give me suggesstions and try to test out my programs? I...