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    need help with smf

    hey everyone, i recently made a fourm. And i cant add my logo! Also i need some moderators, if anyone is interested? Thanks ;D
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    My new forum

    I've nearly completed my forum. Can you take a look at it and see what needs improving!
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    Hey everyone,                       Just wanted to know how do you put a favicon into for my website? Thanks GreatDude2008 :)
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    Hey everyone,                       Just got my laptop back after 1 month from PC World. It was a faulty hard drive. Now it decides to turn itself off automatically. Which is really annoying because I don't want it to go back into the shop. Can anyone help me to guess what's wrong with it...
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    Installing none portable Apps on a pen drive.

    Hey everyone,                       I just found a usb pen drive in my room and i downloaded Portable Apps on it. Is it possible to install something like SMF on it without corrupting anything on it? Please Help GreatDude2008 :D
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    How to make a website

    As i put before on my other post about is there an easier way? Because i don't know html that much and i find it really hard to learn it. So is there a easy way to make a website?
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    Just wanted to ask because i am making a website and i wanted to know if is a good website creater Thanks GreatDude2008
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    Does anyone know how to make a Userbar?

    Hi everyone,                   Do you know how to make a userbar for Mob3? Thanks GreatDude2008 :)
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    Free Backup Software :)

    Hey everyone, Just want to ask what is a good free backup software? Thanks if you can tell me one :) GreatDude2008 :) :) :)
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    PC's Dying on you./ A free way to backup.

    Do you know when your laptop is OK then it dies. This happened to me the other day i lost everything including my youtube videos and music and pics well everything. Can anyone recommend a free way to back up not including dropbox because i had that on before my laptop died and i didn't like it...
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    Website creator like Ucoz

    Hey anyone know how to make a website without using HTML? Like Visual a bit like Freewebs and uCoz. Please Reply :) :) :) :)