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    HTML problems--Please help!

    I've only learned the basics of HTML, enough to know how to embed, change text size/color, etc. but not so much formatting. I need to know how do you make it so that you can see the background picture on the side of a page, and the text, imgs, etc. is in the middle. If you don't get what I...
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    Kodak Zi8 Waterproof Case?

    I'm going to buy a Kodak Zi8 soon, and I'm going to a waterpark over christmas break (no worries, it's indoors XD lol), so I wanna take it with me on rides and stuff. Anyone know where I can get a waterproof case for it? I found this, but I dunno how legit it is, let alone if it works...
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    Recording gear?

    I'm wanting some stuff for recording music, specifically guitar, vocals, and keyboards. I'd want an interface with at least 2 ports, then I also want a mic too. I'm thinking Blue (just recommended them to another mob3 user, so I guess I should practice what I preach =P). I'm wanting these for...
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    Feedback on this photo

    Ok, so I took this photo the other day, and I'd like some feedback: Sorry about the houses in the way, I wanted to get the sunset and the clouds, so I had to include them. Thanks =D ~Sam
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    The Postal Service

    Are there any fans of The Postal Service around here? ~Sam
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    Any Palm Pre Users?

    I wanna know if I'm alone in the mob3 world or not. Are there any other Palm Pre users on here? Any of you guys across the pond get one last week when they launched in the UK? Just curious =)
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    Should I get Windows 7

    Ok, so I have Windows Vista Basic, so I can't get the cheap upgrade (GAH! So mad), so I wanna know, should I go ahead and get Windows 7? Does it run better? Better interface? Basically what I'm asking is, is throwing all that cash MS's way worth it to get Win7? And no, I'm not settling for a...
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    How to view ISO files without burning to disk?

    Ok, so I actually have 2 questions here. 1, can I burn an ISO to DVD and still have it work, or does it HAVE to be CD? 2, is there a way to view them without burning to a disk? Thanks =D Sam
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    Christmas Wallpaper

    I'd like a Christmas wallpaper for this holiday season. I've looked around, and found a few good ones, but nothing I've loved. I'd like it to involve a penguin (cuz I'm running linux =) ), but if you don't want to or whatever, no worries. Oh, and if you have a sec, plz check my deviantart...
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    What's on your desktop?

    Simple question: What icons are on your desktop, or which do you use most? I have: Computer My Home folder A folder with some video in it GIMP Firefox Thunderbird OpenOffice Writer Pidgin (IM) ReadAIR (RSS) Rhythm Box (Crappy music player) SeaMonkey Skype Tweetdeck VLC And Trash obviously :)...
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    Favorite Gadget/Cell Phone/mp3 Player/Portable anything

    What is your favorite portable device? Is it an mp3 player, cell phone, ebook reader? What OS does it run? why do you like it so much? Mine is definitely my Palm Pre (running WebOS 1.2, at the moment). I use it every day, it's fast, stylish, and easy to use too. My top 3: 1.Pre 2.Zune 120...
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    Signature picture

    Okay, so i've seen a bunch of people with these pics in their signature showing things about them. Like, it'll cycle thru a bunch of them, and say stuff like "Windows Vista" "British" "PS3 Owner". Stuff like. I've looked around a bit, but couldnt find anything about them. How can I make them...
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    What shows are you liking most this fall?

    Which shows are you liking/watching most lately? I've been watching: Psych House LOST The Office and FlashForward (which has an AMAZING storyline)