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    Recording games on XBOX/PS3

    After watching various videos of gaming channels on YouTube, it occurred to me that I may want to try out something like that for myself. I would like to know if anyone else knows an easy way to record your television whilst playing a game, i.e. Modern Warfare 2 (without using a camera on a...
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    Jokes thread

    Post your best jokes here. Alright, I will kick us off; what's invisible and red. No apples. Haha, I love that one. P.S I'm not sure if this thread has been done before, someone just tell me and give me a link and I will post on that one and remove this one. Oh, and no racist jokes please. :D
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    Call of Duty thread

    This is basically a thread to talk about Call of Duty. But since not many people post in Gaming Discussion > Paid Games part of the forum, I do no expect it to last very long. For a kick off question, has anyone pre-ordered Modern Warfare 2? I know I have and I can't wait! Watch the trailer...
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    Things that annoy everyone.

    Here is a list of things, that, I'm sure everyone can agree, annoy people. Enjoy. Noisy eaters. People who sit next to you on public transportation even when there are other seats available. Women who wear jewelry that clinks and clacks and makes noise whenever they move Going through the drive...
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    Removal of my YouTube/tiwtter accounts

    Lets get straight to the point. I am removing all my videos from my YouTube account. I have lost all interest and fun out of making the videos, and really just don't have the time. That's why, I am only deleting videos, not my actual account. I am sorry to my 10 or something subscribers who...
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    Has anyone here jailbroken their iPhone/iPod?

    The question says it all. I have. And the only reason I did is so I can record video using cycorder. I have no themes, no illegal apps, no switching. That is it. One downloaded app. That is because I am going camping and I need something to record all the fun with. :)
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    I'm off!

    I have made the same post on MegaByte TV so yeah. As of 3 hours from now, I will not be on YouTube, Twitter, mob3, MBTV, or anything to do  with the internet. This is because I am going camping! I cannot wait and it should be a great time. I am going to forget everything about computers and...
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    Compressing .mov files

    Hey guys, I need help. Fast. This video should explain everything. Please leave a comment on my video instead of here if you could, as I check my channel more often. But you can reply here, I don't mind.
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    I'm getting an iPhone 3G

    After some hard researching and debating amongst friends and other people, I have finally decided to get an iPhone. It should be arriving either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. I am really excited for it and can't wait. I would like to hear your opinions about my decision, and I hope you guys...
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    Influenza 'A' (informally known as Swine Flu)

    Influenza A (also swine flu) refers to influenza caused by any strain of the influenza virus endemic in pigs (swine). Strains endemic in swine are called swine influenza virus (SIV). Swine flu is common in swine and rare in humans. SIV can mutate into a form that allows it to pass from human to...
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    My tutorial on how to finish a Rubik's cube + poll

    Hello everyone. As some of you may know, I have recently learnt how to solve a Rubik's Cube, and I can now solve it in just under 90 seconds. I have recently done a tutorial on how to solve on, which consisted of 6 parts. And although this is a tutorial and should probably go in the...
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    Can you solve a Rubik's cube?

    Well, can you completely solve a Rubik's cube? The reason I say completely is because I know people who can get one side. This is not solving a Rubik's cube! They always say I have done it when they haven't. Now for the 6 of my followers on Twitter, would know that I have recently learnt how...
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    Inactive, old members

    Well, I was browsing at some of the very first polls ever made and it seems that there are so many old members who aren't here any more. People who have been here from the start but don't post any more and they haven't deleted their account. So I was wondering, if there are any old members who...
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    How to Enable 16:9 YouTube Wide screen HD, using Sony Vegas Pro

    Hope you guys like it. Also, check out my channel and subscribe if you like what you see :)
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    My post count

    As you may or may not have noticed, my post count has recently gone up by about 700 posts. Rather than explaining everything, I will let you read an exact copy of the e-mail I send Duncan. It read: Hi Duncan, as you may or may not know, my old account name was 0005113, and I left for a while...
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    Disclaimer: I do know that this review may have already been done previously in this board, however I am re-doing it so it becomes more well known. Nowadays, with many people travelling the world, it can be hard to contact or talk with people you wish to. Sometimes, this can be avoided by...
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    Webnotes Beta Invitations

    Hi all, I was recently sent a Webnotes invitation by Dombev, a well known user on mob3, and I thought that I may as well share the love. (So to speak) Now you may be wondering why I am posting this in Customization/skinning. This is because in a way, what Webnotes offers "customizes" your web...
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    A few nice shots I took

    Here are just a few shots I took on my friends camera which I thought were quite nice. And just remember, I'm no photographer. I barely even knew how to turn the camera on when I first got it. ;)
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    Expose for Windows?

    As you may have seen on one of Duncan's recent videos; Windows User Guide to Mac OSX Leopard. At 12.24, he starts to talk about Expose and spaces. He mentions that you can get it for Windows. I was wondering if anyone knew the name of...
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    Please help! My log-in screen wont show up!

    Hi everyone. On my new laptop I got. I changed some of the theme settings (.ddl's) and now when ever I boot up my computer, it gets to the log-in screen, but nothing comes up. It shows the boot screen, (where the windows logo appears and then that's it. Everything goes black. I cannot...