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    1 Year on Mob3

    Well, I joined a little late, buy today is my one year anniversary of being on mob3  ;D
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    Slackware 13 Released

    A new version of Slackware, the oldest surviving GNU/Linux Distribution, has just been released. Here are a few of the major feature and updates, taken from You can download it from
  3. H - Because its not

    Improtant This site contains content that is not appropriate for children ( Don't worry, no pr0n) is definitely one of my favorite sites to spend time when I'm bored on the internet. Although no more postings are allowed, and the site is rather old, its archives offer many great...
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    *Important Information*

    You all just lost the game  ;D A Brief Summary of the Game Official Website
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    Ultimate Live CD Thread

    I thought it would be a good idea to put a thread together containing all sorts of Live CDs in one place, be them *nix Distros or System Utilities. These are only ones that I have / know about. Please post your own as a response to this post so I can add them to the main thread. Linux Distros...
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    10 Reasons You Should Upgrade to Windows 7

    On October 22, just a couple months from now, Microsoft will be releasing its most hyped Operating System to date - Windows 7. I've been using the Beta and Release Candidate for the last couple months and I can definitely tell you that I will be upgrading. As a PC owner, you have to ask yourself...
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    Control Where Programs Maximize To
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    Colored Waves

    I made this after following an adobenicnacs on YouTube, and I must say, it's very cool.
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    500 Posts :)

    I've gotten to 500 posts and am now a Sr. Member  ;D
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    100 Subscribers!!

    I've passed 100 subscribers on YouTube  :o I'm so happy!!!!!  ;D Check it out -
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    Star Wars in 1337 Speak

    Contains some bad language
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    How to minimize any program to the system tray
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    How to Run Linux (Ubuntu) In Windows
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    Minefield AKA Mozilla Firefox 3.2 Alpha 1 Pre Release

    Mozilla Minefield is the future of the firefox web browser. It has a completely re-written javascript engine called tracemonkey that is up to 10% faster than Google's Chrome. It is currently availible on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X Minefield's Homepage -...
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    How To Set Up Photoshop for Use With a Pressure Sensitive Tablet P.S. I would love you forever if you rated the video 5 stars and commented on it.
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    Where are WEP Keys stored in windows?

    I was wondering, since windows let you save the WEP key to a network after you connect to it so you don't have to enter in the WEP key every time you connect to it, where is the wep key stored? In the registry perhaps? If so, or if not, where?
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    New Sig

    Its not much, but what do you think?
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    Starburst Effect in Photoshop

    Watch in HD OR ELSE
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    Clean Your Screen

    Some of you may not have know, but dust can build up inside of your screen. This website sends out a high frequency sound that knocks the dust right off. It made my monitor's picture much more crisp.
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    Pictures of San Francisco

    Yesterday my school took us to SF, and I got got some pictures of the city. Sorry for the bad quality, they were taken from my cell phone and most from inside the bus.