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    The Wire...

    Has anyone watched this before? Its currently being showing every Monday-Thursday on BBC 2  at 11.20. Its currently in season/series 4 on BBC but its a great show about people in Baltimore. School kids, Politicians etc. A very good show!
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    Use Boxmen

    Use Boxmen, I Like this game a lot! Its one of them strange games that just get you addicted(well did for me :P)
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    How to learn?

    Hey this is a question for all the people who are great at photoshop/gimp i have some questions How did you learn photoshop/gimp? do you have any good links? Thanks P.S feel free to move this to random if people dont think its right for this place
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    Transformers 2 Sneak Peak The anticipated new transformers 2 sneak peak
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    Night at the museum 2 Trailer! This was the first trailer i uploaded for DabuekTrailers please cheak out my channel and subscribe :angel:
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    Graphics Driver

    Hey, i have the acer aspire 6920, and it has blue ray but when i go to play a blueray disk i get graphics driver incompatiable make sure it meets the required recommendations? Ive look for a update but cant find one? Any more info? Please help
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    Merry xmas

    Merry Xmas to you all at mob3 Im off now see yous soon merry xmas
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    Sony Set To Release "Revolutionary" Laptop On January 9th

    Sony will be launching a new VAIO laptop on the 9th of January, which according to the Consumer Electronics giant, "will change the way you look at laptops forever". At the moment, only Sony's New Zealander website appear to be hosting this website and many have pointed that the 9th of January...
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    Albums in 11 seconds

    Cable telecoms supplier Virgin Media this week launched the UK's fastest broadband, offering downloads at speeds of 50 Mb/s. The super-fast service, which will allow users to download an entire album in 11 seconds or a one-hour TV show in just over a minute, will cost £51 a month, plus a £50...
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    Find out how much your site is worth!

    Go to And see how much you site is worth or just search random sites and see how much there worth (not sure how accurate it is:P)
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    What theme is this site(Mob3) in?

    Dont think this has been done...What colour is the forum in for you? Me Christmas Themeish Light Red
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    How did you learn your Programming Language?

    How did learn your programming language select as many as you want I done it by Online Tutorials and Books
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    Google Chrome Officially Leaves Beta

    Windows only: Google's new web browser, Google Chrome, has officially left its beta tag in the dust, graduating to a full-fledged 1.0 release today (just 100 days after the initial release). Yesterday we told you Google Chrome would be leaving beta soon, but we had no idea it would be this...
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    Firefox, Chrome virtually tied for JavaScript speed

    On Tuesday, Mozilla released Firefox 3.1 beta 2 and Google released Chrome, so it's time for the latest installment of JavaScript performance testing. Here's the highlight: Though Firefox remains the leader on the SunSpider test, with a score of 2,110, Chrome edged very close with...
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    Reports Keegan Has Resigned!

    Well im a loyal Newcastle fan and i am utterly dissapointed with the dismisale of Newcastle united manager Kevin Keegan! The 57-year-old held talks with the club's board on Tuesday morning amid reports he was unhappy with a lack of control over transfer activity. Newcastle's only business on...
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    Hundreds to be charged after RNC protests

    Almost 300 people will be formally charged in Ramsey County District Court on Tuesday after they were arrested during protests at the Republican National Convention, a police spokesman said. Police arrested 284 people Monday after firing projectiles, pepper spray and tear gas to disperse a...
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    File Zilla 3.1.2

    A new version of file zilla came out today and im sure this will come in handy to all those that use this for their personal websites. Features:     * Easy to use     * Multilingual (English, German, French, Japanese, just to name a few)     * Strong encryption support using SFTP over SSH and...
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    Firefox 3 Help!

    Hello, for some strange reason firefox wont let me close tabs:S i have tab mix plus and have the same options i used to have and that was fine any help?
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    What Nationality are you?

    What Nationality are you my self... British!!!
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    Football Manager 2008

    Any one a fan?