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  1. JuliaSharks

    DuncsWeb Minecraft Server

    I joined a couple days ago i remember playing this server every day i missed it :P
  2. JuliaSharks

    Which Film Do Hate The Most?

    Starwars. I wouldn't say i hate the film i just don't enjoy it that much it isn't very interesting XD
  3. JuliaSharks

    whats your favorite comedy

    My favorite comedy would have to be White Chicks or Grown Ups 1 and 2
  4. JuliaSharks

    Your Favourite Song Of All Time

    I have a lot of favorites, I enjoy Yes Indeed by Lil baby ft. Drake, Lucid Dreams by JUICE WRLD, Jocelyn Flores by XXXTentacion, Moonlight by XXXTentacion, etc. :)
  5. JuliaSharks

    At This Current Minute Right Now, What Is Playing On Your Speakers?

    Rap music especially music by XXXTentacion he is my favorite raper and i love his music but sadly he died a couple days ago, got shot near miami florida ;(
  6. JuliaSharks

    Favourite TV Shows

    I enjoy watching Riverdale, 13 reasons why, Full House, Friends, Spongebob (ik its childish but come on its hilarious xD), Family Guy, etc.
  7. JuliaSharks

    PC Full Free PC Downloadable Games

    This is awesome Duncan! I like to watch my brother play smite on his xbox but i am actually thinking about downloading it myself :P
  8. JuliaSharks

    💬 Off-Topic Talk

    Just got a new texture pack i used a while back on my old account, its called faithful and makes everything look really nice, definitely recommend you guys to get it!
  9. JuliaSharks

    What Games Do You Have Installed On Your Computer?

    I have Minecraft, Roblox(which i barley play lol), Fortnite, and GTA. :D
  10. JuliaSharks

    👋 Introduce Yourself

    Hey Duncan cool site! I used to play while back don't know if you remember me.:tearsofjoy::laughing: