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  1. AppleHead493

    Migrate AD/CA to new server?

    Evenig everyone, just a quick one. At work we are migrating our DC server to 2012 R2 and have transferred the FSMO roles over, is there anything else that needs to be done prior to demoting the old primary server? We also need to move Certification Authority services to the new server...
  2. AppleHead493

    Golden Oldies from the 90's!! Anyone remember these?

    I was at my parents recently and we dug out a few of these golden oldies! - - I have desperatley been trtying to build a 95/98 VM to run these but with no luck!! =( What other golden oldies have you guys still got lying around?
  3. AppleHead493

    I sold my soul.... To Apple

    Having got onto the touch screen phone bandwagon rather late (2011) after suffering with a sony ericson that could withstand a nuclear blast and still work I got my first android phone (samsung S) in 2011, 4 years later my Still fully reliable, working Samsung S4 contract was up and the search...
  4. AppleHead493

    Scrambled Tech Words

    The game is self explanatory... Unscramble the tech word! I'll go first. icgnaromtefxchsoe
  5. AppleHead493

    What happened to the game section?

    What happened to the game section? I spent about an hour to become Snake champ ;) haha
  6. AppleHead493

    Real Life IT Achievements. Daily dose of humour!

    Saw this earlier and thought I'd share =P
  7. AppleHead493

    Post your setups/rigs

    The old classic 'Post your setups/rigs' thread =P Here's mine! - From Left to Right: - Laptop - BT Hub3 acting as a WAP (Connected via ethernet to TP Link Switch which runs through a Powerline Adapter to BT Hub2). - PC - Server - Domain Controller/ DNS Server
  8. AppleHead493

    Categories and Forums.

    Think its time for some more sections and categories! Such as: Generic - Forums Computing - Forums Gaming - Forums Plus other suggestions =P
  9. AppleHead493

    Cheap VPS?

    Hey Everyone, thought I'd share this =) I've had a dedicated VPS for a while now, but if anyones interested in buying one my hosting provider has a 25% off deal.
  10. AppleHead493

    Hello Again!

    A quick update from me =P Was a mob3 member back in the good old days, and am now working as a Systems Admin in colchester having finished my degree at a 2:1 at Essex University. It's great to see another forum going! Let's make this place rock!
  11. AppleHead493

    Dissertation Ideas?!

    Hi All! I'm in need of some inspiration / help with my dissertation proposal, basically I haven't got a clue what to do for it =P I wan to play it to my interests and strengths as follows: - Networking - Physics - Gaming - Hardware - Programming and Web development (to an extent) The project...
  12. AppleHead493

    'The New Bebo'

    Michael Birch, the founder of bebo has released quite a humorous video about a 'New Bebo'. It will be interesting to see what they can come up with, but will it take off?