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  1. AppleHead493

    PlayStation Now

    I'm playing the original sonic adventure on it! Oh the nostalgia!!
  2. AppleHead493

    Migrate AD/CA to new server?

    Thanks Guys! Adam, pretty much what i did, Ive been creating new AD objects on the new DC with the fsmo roles transferred over and they have been replicating fine. repadmin /replsum shows no errors either so all good. And thanks Duncan, been looking ages for a tut like that!
  3. AppleHead493

    Migrate AD/CA to new server?

    Evenig everyone, just a quick one. At work we are migrating our DC server to 2012 R2 and have transferred the FSMO roles over, is there anything else that needs to be done prior to demoting the old primary server? We also need to move Certification Authority services to the new server...
  4. AppleHead493

    Oldies from Mob3 where are you all now?

    Great to see we have the old name and blue style back =D, nice bit of nostalgia for a sunday afternoon!
  5. AppleHead493

    Golden Oldies from the 90's!! Anyone remember these?

    I was at my parents recently and we dug out a few of these golden oldies! - - I have desperatley been trtying to build a 95/98 VM to run these but with no luck!! =( What other golden oldies have you guys still got lying around?
  6. AppleHead493

    What Was The First Computer You Ever Used?

    I had one just like this as well =D this was another hand me down and PC no.2 for me =P
  7. AppleHead493

    I sold my soul.... To Apple

    A slight contradiction I know ;), I have always 'hated on' iPhones having been tasked with fixing them at work and setting them up and being an android user could never get the grasp of them. Hence this post =P As for the windows phone, I just didn't like it as much as I thought/hoped.
  8. AppleHead493

    did everyone just stop coming on?

    Probabl best to get some advertising online on other forums and websites, get some more traffic coming in. As for me I'm mainly active on Spiceworks (trying to get myself promoted to a Tabasco chilli ;) ), so have been fairly quiet on here recently.
  9. AppleHead493

    I sold my soul.... To Apple

    Having got onto the touch screen phone bandwagon rather late (2011) after suffering with a sony ericson that could withstand a nuclear blast and still work I got my first android phone (samsung S) in 2011, 4 years later my Still fully reliable, working Samsung S4 contract was up and the search...
  10. AppleHead493

    Scrambled Tech Words

    Reece wins =P Your turn!
  11. AppleHead493

    so summer plans?

    My summer plans... work =(, evening however is another story =P
  12. AppleHead493

    Scrambled Tech Words

    It's two words.
  13. AppleHead493

    Rumoured Oops! Xbox Support shows off Windows 10 Music Preview app new UI

    Looks very similar to Spotify... but I like it =)
  14. AppleHead493

    Post Your Internet Speed Tests

    - Yeah... Not great =/
  15. AppleHead493

    Forum Post Ranks [Updated]

    Fair enough =)
  16. AppleHead493

    Forum Post Ranks [Updated]

    Just throwing this idea out there but as we're ranking on *Bytes why changs the post count name from 'Messages' to 'Bits' similar to Ubuntu forum where they name posts 'Beans'??
  17. AppleHead493


    Ahhh, I miss that old SMF site =')
  18. AppleHead493

    Forum Post Ranks [Updated]

    Awesome =)
  19. AppleHead493

    Forum Post Ranks [Updated]

    Have these changed recently? As I seem to be gigabyte below 100 posts =P
  20. AppleHead493

    Windows 10 Insider Preview Experience Thread

    Another reason why I'm loving this system is how lightweight it is! Got thi running perfect on an old Pre-UEFI system on one of the very first Pentium D's (Pre CORE2!) and it runs quicker than 7! Just reinstalled it (dualed with 8.1) and having played with the latest release I'm looking...