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  1. Reecebullet

    Share your Steam accounts!

    I'm a massive Steam addict, and I know a ton of people out there love Steam too. So, share 'yo Steam accounts! Here's mine:
  2. Reecebullet

    Well, hey guys. Reintroduction time!

    Hey all. I'm Reecebullet. I was really active back in the old Mob3 days. I'm 22 years old and I've just finished up getting my education in computer networking. My interests are computers (of-course) and gaming. I don't remember the last time I console game'd, it's all about my Steam addiction...
  3. Reecebullet

    Soon To Be 17

    So, on the 21st of December I am 17! It's weird, I am not really all hyped about it yet. I shall be online on my B/D, with a special YT video :)
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    MOVED: Who's Got The New Windows 7?

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    I like this game alot. It's a good game. My only problem with this game is the specs. The specs of the game are: Windows® XP (with Service Pack 3) and DirectX® 9.0c or (Windows Vista® with Service Pack 2) Video Card: 256 MB 3D hardware accelerator card required - 100% DirectX® 9.0c with Shader...
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    MOVED: Opinions on my YouTube channel/Videos?

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    A Request for a Youtube DP

    So, Me and Calibra made a new youtube Channel. Which I am excited about. It is a gaming channel only. So my normal channel is still being used. I was wondering if someone could make me a DP for the channel. Could I have it like: 2 letters: CG for ColabGames then ColabGames itself under them...
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    MOVED: join my new forum saurabhorange made from smf

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    I Am A Global Mod?!

    Hello Guys. I have just logged on ( Which I have not done for around 5 days, I have been busy, Sorry ) And I am no longer a god... I am a global mod? I am mega, Mega Happy! :D ( Tis is randomness )
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    MOVED: drivers

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    MOVED: Win A 2.0GB Pen Drive

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    Cannot Get into Regedit...

    So, I try to go into regedit, And I get: Please make sure you have typed the name in correctly and try again ' Even when I am clicking directly on the file.. Is there some reason it won't let me view it... ( I am on XP ) Thanks
  13. Reecebullet

    Do You Want A Invite to Lockerz?

    Lockerz is like the new Swagbucks, But is about 5 times easier to get items. On my first day I got 34 points, There is some awesome stuff in there for 80 points. People are asking why everything on there is out of stock at the moment, It is because there in beta, And will be stocking up real...
  14. Reecebullet

    How Many Click Have You Made?

    So, I wanna know how many clicks you have done each day. You can find how many clicks you have made by looking at one of my videos. Now go and install the software, Free. And then you will know how many clicks you have made :D. I have been using it...
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    MOVED: my new youtube channel fanofduncan

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    MOVED: post your computer tricks here

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    Windows 7 Problem.. Help?

    So, I duel Dual Booted, Now using XP and windows 7. The XP is the same I was using, All working fine, However 7 is giving me some problems. I am loving it, But it won't connect to the internet. I have installed the adapters software ( Netgear WG111v3 ), But once it got half way though, The part...
  18. Reecebullet

    Is Twitter down?

    Twitter wont work for me! Is it working for any of you guys atm?
  19. Reecebullet

    Would someone be able to help me with something on Wordpress.

    Hi People. I have kinda hit a stone on wordpress, I'll explain what I need help with, Then I will show you what I'm on about. In wordpress, Your able to put more than one page, I have 3, The ' Home ' which is the main page, The ' Info ' page, And then I added in a page myself and called it...
  20. Reecebullet

    New Theme + Happened to MOB3 again

    Hi guys, As you can see, There is a new theme... Looks... Different right? Also, Mob3 was messed around with again by idiots, And changed loads of scripts and things like that... :/