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    Old DW Folks: How has life been for you in the last 5-10 years?

    This is something that I would find interesting, some of the old folks in here have been gone for some time (I'm guilty) and we haven't heard from some of them. How has life been treating you? What good & bad stuff has happened to you? Since the DW stuff I finished my school course (Graphic...
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    Do You Buy Alot Of Games on Steam? Check this out

    So this is my latest video (from christmas day, I need to make one!) on a cool website I found that allows you to find the best Steam deals!
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    Introduction Time

    Why hello everyone! If you don't know who I am (which you probably don't), I'm Nuno Ledo but mostly known as Nunokaka85), I'm 18 years old and I come from Portugal! I've been involved in the community since the good ol' Mob3. I make videos on YouTube about technology, gaming, and other related...
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    I Am Now a Global Moderator :O

    Hey guys, I am now a Global Moderator! That's just awesome, I would like to thank every single you for this! I'm mega happy now! Big thanks again Duncan, you won't regret :D I will try to do this, the best I can! Nuno.
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    Team Fortress 2/G-Man Wallpaper

    Since i'm a big fan of Valve, I decided to make two wallpapers, of one of the greatest characters on the history of gaming, and one of the best multiplayer games of all time. The first one i'm gonna show you is the GMan wallpaper, that is here: And the Team...
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    LG Viewty Lite - Any good?

    Well, I just pre-ordered the LG Viewty Lite, and it looks like really awesome phone :D, here is a photo of it: Since Duncan's nickname has mobilephone on it, I thought I would ask him how the LG Viewty is for him, he said that he got frustrated with the screen of it, but I would also want to...
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    IRC Client for the W910i/W580i

    Hi guys, I have been waiting the Sony Ericsson W910i or the Sony Ericsson W580i (I have been more tempted to buy the W910i though), and I would like to know: Is there any IRC Clients for these phones? Since most of my time on the PC, i'm on #duncsweb, and other servers. Thanks.
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    Windows 8 To Be Launched in 2013?

    So, I saw some news in a Portuguese website that said that Windows 8 would be launched in 2013, and with it I found out a little image that said this: - Windows Vista (Major Release) - Windows Server 2008 (Major Release) - Windows 7 (Release Update) - Windows Server 2008 R2 (Release Update) -...
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    My first birthday on Mob3!

    Hello and yes, today (5th November), is my mob3 "birthday"! So yeah, I love this forum, I come to here all days, and yes, keep up the work guys, special thanks to the Mods (AjWendell, Bkil, ReeceBullet and ScratchedChalk) and to Duncan, for keeping this forum clean! :D (Yes, this is on...
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    Abstract Wave Effect (NK)

    Hello guys, sorry I don't show the images now, it's because they are big files :P Link to the file (Compressed .7z, 1MB or so I think) Thanks for watching.
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    Free Legal Version of Sony Vegas?

    Hello guys, I remembered one time InsaneMatt and some other people said to me that there was a free legal version of Sony Vegas, but I can't find a link to it. So, if you guys know, could you guys give me a link to it? Thanks; Nuno.
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    Can you create a Logo for me?

    So, just look at the tittle, I need a logo with Journals and (or) Magazines, TommyKing and H1smom, i'm looking to you guys ;-). So, if you could make it, please make it, I would be very appreciated. The reason why I'm asking for one, it's because my mom and dad are making a store, to sell...
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    2 Signatures I made (NK)

    Hello (Again), this time I maked 2 Signatures in GIMP, and yes, I know I putted too much Yellow in the First one and the second one sucks due to the lack of brushes, that for some reason, weren't working , but oh well, all were made in 5 minutes each, resulting in 10 Minutes making, 20 Minutes...
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    Fire Explosion Made on GIMP (NK)

    Hello guys, in here i'm showing you a GIMP project I made :), the know I done this because I was bored haha, so here it is. I know this isin't like the BEST I could do (it maybe is lol), but this is just an example on what GIMP can do. Hope you liked it, thanks for Watching.
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    I Have 500 Posts on Mob3! :D

    Well, as you see on the tittle, I HAVE 500 POSTS HERE :D, Half 1.000 O_o, my posts are 100% Spam, right? lol, Thanks to all people who have been on this forum, and helping me :D ~NK
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    How to Automatically Tweet when your Listening to Music - TuneTweet Thats very cool, thanks to @Brod i now know this :D
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    Unreal Tournament 3 for Free Legally on Steam for the Weekend!

    Woot! At this moment, i'm downloading Unreal Tournament 3 :D, looking forward to play it! Oh yeah, UT3 is available for free on Steam this weekend (Did i say it's for free? lol). But yeah, looking forward to play it :D ~NK
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    "Abstract" Photo!

    Hello again, i would like to show this time a photo "Abstract?" that I created on GIMP. This was kinda Random because I was bored :P Link to the photo: Thank you for seeing it :)
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    How to change Colors in GIMP This video is how to change colors on GIMP :P
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    Created a "Grunge" Wallpaper on GIMP

    Hello again people, i now created a wallpaper out of random on GIMP (The people that were on Duncsweb chat know that is random), i just downloaded some brushes on it, and yeah, this is the result: I choose Blue colors, don't know why :P Thank you for seeing it :)