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    Amazon Cloud Drive

    Amazon has updated their cloud storage service to support two new options. Unlimited Photo Plan: Unlimited amount of storage for storing photos & 5GB of space for video files. Price: $12 yearly Unlimited Everything: Their other plan offering completely unlimited storage for any type of...
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    Confirmed Tim Cook to donate his wealth

    Based on the latest interview of Tim Cook at Fortune He has stated that he'll be giving away all his wealth upon paying for the college education of his now 10-year old nephew. Which I assume to be in the 6-figure range (So a bit odd of statement) my guess just to assure his future. Again...
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    Android Suggestions (S5)

    So I've been an iOS user for the last couple years and still use an iPhone 5S as my main device. However had bought an S4 couple months back & didn't use it much. Saw an opportunity to pick up an S5 on sale as people are looking to upgrade to the S6 at launch. That all said I'm looking to give...
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    Youtube Bans Brand Sponsored Videos

    Link: So in effort to drive everything through Google Adsense Youtube is beginning to put a limit to ad-sponsored videos. Which will effect independent sponsor campaigns severely. Channels will be forced to only go through Adsense...
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    Top 5 Must have Programs

    Whether its a new computer, new OS, upgrade, etc. What are your top 5 must have programs. Mine for OS X & in part Windows are F.Lux ScreenFlow ( OS X) Chrome TeamSpeak Dropbox
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    Referral Sign up to Fiverr & get a free gig

    Fiverr is a service Duncan actually showed me nearly 3 years ago. That said an interesting $5 marketplace for getting some random jobs/tasks done or place to sell your services. Great for side income or just building up a client base. You can sign up with my referral link & get a free $5 to...
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    SpaceX Falcon 9 launches DSCOVR & Tesla Shipment Falls Short

    Full Read: SpaceX & Tesla both founded & ran by Elon Musk were across the news today. As SpaceX launched their satellite into space meanwhile Tesla fell short on shipment deliveries versus what...
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    Lakercoolman/Kidguru... Adrian

    Hello all! I've been known on the web as Lakercoolman, Kidguru, (Insert various other names here) but my real name is Adrian Cauguiran. I've been a content creator for the last 9 years starting at the age of eleven & I've had the great privilege of getting to know Duncan (Mobilephone2003) along...