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    Dear sir/madam, FIRE! FIRE! Help me! 123 Carrendon Road. Looking forward to hearing from you! All the best, General Nemesis. So for those of you that got this, who watches the IT Crowd? What is your favorite episode? Bring up anything regarding the show and you get +cool points. Also if you...
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    add reputation

    I've briefly searched for this, and sorry if this has already been asked/answered (or is obvious), but how does one add reputation points to others?
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    EEE pc... tried to update to SP3.

    I know others from the eee forums have updated their eee901 20g to sp3. I also know I had at least 600MB of space left on my C:\ (which contains nothing save the windows installation itself). After attempting to update from SP2 to SP3, It warns me of low disc space, and even gets down to 5 mb...
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    Your Favorite Video Made By Duncan

    Alright, when I first saw the thread "your favorite movie" I thought it was referring to favorite tutorial video of Duncan's, but now I figured I would start this topic. You can list any video of his you liked (preferably with a link to it)... tutorials..his rants.. etc. Considering this forum...
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    How to embed IRC into your desktop

    This will hopefully start you fellers into having your own dynamic desktop that features IRC! An example is found on my current EEE desktop: Before logged in: After logged in: Now all I've done is simply make a webpage (.html) file, that includes the images and layout of my choosing, and...