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    🎖️ Round Up The Old Players

    Jake12001200 checking in... Although I don't really go by that name anymore. Would also like to flag up "illage2", "TommyOwen", "toastface5". Also a couple of super old IRC veterans from the late 2000s, "henco" and "netjordan" whom I'm still in contact with today.
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    Music [w/c 25th April] This Week in Music

    Pretty solid mix
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    Music [w/c 25th April] This Week in Music

    To try and spur on discussion a little bit here, wanted to start a weekly music thread to see what people have been listening to in the last week, as well as including any big music news Prince died last week which led me to picking up 1999 and the best of prince. Incredibly talented musician...
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    I have since found that you can remove all clothes
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    I've been playing it and it seems really strange. Not really sure why it's so popular. Just seems to be a very niche social network where you ask/answer questions and play minigames to get clothes
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    You just lost the game

    suck it
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    I have a problem...

    Ahh man, back in the day eh? Proof of purchase hat ftw
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    Have you ever met anyone "Offline"

    I've been to various meetups over the years and met a couple dozen people that I've known online before off. This has in term solidified friendships and made for more offline meetups With the possibility of meeting another, has anyone else had any positive / negative experiences with meeting...