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    Press F to pay respects to Phantom

    I'll start. F
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    Name Changes

    Hi all, I feel this a relevant thread What are your names from previous DuncsWeb/BlockShed Versions? I've only ever been known as AdamDuce previously. How about everyone else.
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    Show us your builds

    Hi all, Thought i'd share my first build: I'm not the best but its my first attempt. Lets see yours...
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    🎖️ Round Up The Old Players

    Hi all, As requested by Duncan here is the place to post names of people that we should 'hunt' for to let them know we have another server running. If they wish to return great. If not to make an appearance and say Hello to us all! Here the list starts, Feel free to add anyone you want...
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    MacBook Pro 2016 Can't Mutlitask

    Check this out. Unbelievable how crap this new one actually is. Non Bias as I own the 2015 one and its awesome.
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    September Desktop Thread

    Sup guys, I like to be nosey... So here is mine.
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    Review Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review

    Where do I start with this amazing device. First Impressions Taking this lovely device out of the box I thought iPad without Home Button: - Upon initial inspection a typical Geek will look for IO or Expansion Ports. The Surface Pro 3 comes with: 1x USB 3.0 1x Mini-Display Port (Not Active)...
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    Pop Mashups

    Don't know if any of you guys are into modern 'Pop' but these mash ups at the end of every year by a select bunch of people are awesome: What do you think guys?
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    What was the first video of Duncan's you ever watched?

    This is the first video I ever watched and I'm glad I did otherwise I'd have never met any of you fantastic people!
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    Homescreen Thread - Post Your Phones Desktop!

    Here is mine: -
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    Giant Skype Call or TeamSpeak Chat

    For nostalgia and general awesomeness we should all have a long tech chat again that would be great whos up for this? :)
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    Since the rise of the iPad the tablet market has literally exploded! What tablets have you had over the years? What tablet do you have now? I've had a iPad 2. Currently running a Microsoft Surface Pro 3! One of the best devices ive ever used, Could hapily say that its a PC, Laptop and Tablet...
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    A bit about the A

    Hello there, As my rather cheesy title may give away this is about me :) I've been around the internet since 2008 and I am now 18, You do the maths to find out how old I was when i started as i'm too lazy to. I'm interested in computers of course, have a job in IT Support. I have a car. Live...
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    How Was/Is Your Christmas?

    Tell the forum what you got what you did and how it went!
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    Windows 7 Areo Zoom.

    This A Mac like Zoom feature for Windows 7 but this comes built into the Operating System THIS WILL ONLY WORK WHEN USING AREO IN WINDOWS 7 !! ScreenShots: This: To This: You can do this by doing this simple keyboard command Windows Key & + To Zoom Out Windows Key & - To Zoom Out Thats...
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    We are nearly at 60,000 Posts

    This is really good guys well done all of your posts. Post your thoughts below
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    Nice One Duncan

    Im loving the new theme its good for nice resolutions. Im also linking the new Mob3 Christmas Logo! Nice. Lastly Merry Christmas Duncan, NunoKaKa85, Reece, ScratchedChalk & AJWendell. For all the hard work on the forum! Well done all of you
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    What's Your Dream Christmas Present

    Mine would be to have Tickets to ceattle then meet Chris Pirillo
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    Be random :D ;D :D ;D ::) :-[ :-X :sleepy: :angel: :'( :-\ :-X :P ??? >:( ;D 8) :angel: :laugh: :laugh:javascript:void(0) :-[ ::) ??? :( :( :( >:( ;D >:(